30+ Best Military Pick Up Lines

Military Pick up lines

Here are the best pure military pick up lines for flirting with your crush.

Looking for military pick up lines?

These pick up lines include dirty military pick up lines for you, funny military pick up lines, sweet, cheesy and other related military pick up lines.

From military service pick up lines to military officials pick up lines and military forces pick up lines, below are the best pick up lines to use today.

Find the hottest and best military pick up lines below.

Military Pick Up Lines:

Target acquired! weapons hot! cleared to Engage!

Are you in the Air Force? Because you are hotter than F – 22A Raptor.

Should you not be saving water by bathing with an airman?

My base of fire needs an effective weapon like you to be complete.

Am I allowed to attack your chow hall?

Would you mind if I whisty tango all over your foxtrot?

Would you permit me to prick your 119?

Hey, one o’clock. I am coming in. Over!

Would you like to see my glow stick and PT with me?

Do you happen to be a weapon? Because I am about to make you condition one.

Would you like to swab my deck?

I would love to swab your poop deck any day.

I am a red head, so I am going to have to put you on fire watch.

You did not need to say zero to make me freeze.

You do look like a rebel. Do you want to mess with government property?

There is one more person who wants you more than Uncle Sam.

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Do I tell you about the pink sock?

Does your name happen to be Wagner?

Would you mind if I zero your rifle? I would love to, if you let me.

Is that your 60 or are you just happy to see me?

Would you like to apply a light coat of CLP to my barrel?

The only thing missing from your SL-3 is ME. 

You do not have to do anything, you already have a REDCON status.

Let us play war. 

They call me drill sergeant. Would you like to know why?

Hey, I think you just spilled your camel pack on me.

If you let me, I will fight for your love like I would fight for my country.

Would you like to make a trajectory at the point of intersection of our vectors?

Do you think you are up for a little tactical insertion?

Would you let me ride your torpedo?

My sight is locked on you.

Would you mind sharing my fox hole with me?

Am I permitted to shoot some rounds centre mast?

Would you like to be my AR 15 later tonight?

Let us go practice our morale, you in?.

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