20+ Best Bear Pick Up Lines 

Bear Pick up lines

Before looking at the best pick up lines about bears, here are a few very interesting facts about bears you should know.

First of all, Bears are one of the most intelligent land animals in North America.

They have the largest and most complex brains in comparison to other land mammals their size and they rely on this brain for a number of behaviors.

There are eight different species of bears: North American black bears, brown bears, polar bears, Asiatic black bears, Andean bears, panda bears, sloth bears, and sun bears.

Each of these species is recognizable by their distinct size, markings, and characteristics.

With that being said, below are funny pick up lines, cheesy pick up lines, dirty pick-up lines and sweet bear pick up lines.

Bear Pick Up Lines:

When you drop a bear on the ice, it breaks the ice. Can I be your bear and break this silence?

Somebody told me you like bears, will you come with me to my place and see a white one?.

I am called Teddy, can I call you teddy bear because I want you to be mine. 

Have you ever kissed a bear between the ears? Would you like to? 

Will you great the great polar bear? It’s in my house. 

Call me a bear, because I know the kind of fruit that will be best for you. 

I lost my bear, will you sleep with me? 

You want to see a bear show? Join me next weekend. 

They early bear get the best fruit, but you can show up at anytime and still get a bite. 

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If I were a bear I would be on your breasts because they are fruity. 

I hear they call me yoggie bear. You want to know why? Follow me to my place.

My bear is dead… can I play with your hair instead?

It’s bear hunting season and a bear like you shouldn’t be out in the open. 

If you were a bear I would be Teddy so that you could be Teddy bear. 

If I followed you home, would you keep me warm like bears keep their young ones?

Hey girl, you are a pure bred, because you are more beautiful than a polar bear. 

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