40+ Best Your Daddy Pick Up Lines

Daddy pick up lines

Who’s your daddy pick up lines are all found here, the best of the best dzaddy pick up lines.

Here is a collection of dirty daddy pick up lines, cheesy daddy pick up lines and other funny pick up lines inspired by your daddy.

Daddy Pick Up Lines:

Is your daddy a hooker? Because I’m hooked on you.

Was your daddy a bricklayer? Because you have one hell of a foundation.

Is your daddy a doctor? Because you just cured my erectile dysfunction.

Is your daddy a donkey? Because you have a great a*s.

Is your daddy a drug dealer? because you sure are dope

Is your daddy a farmer? Because you sure do know how to raise the cock.

Is your daddy a genie because your making my dreams come true.

Is your daddy a grocery store attendant because you have nice melons.

Is your daddy a hunter? Because your such a fox.

Is your daddy a jalapeno because you sure are hot

Is your daddy a lock smith because you have the keys to my heart.

Is your daddy a magician? Because abracaDAYUM.

Is your daddy a photographer? Because I can picture us together.

Is your daddy a pilot because my heart taking off.

Is your daddy a pilot? Because you’re FLY!

Is your daddy a sergeant because your making my privates stand at attention!

Is your daddy a spandex salesman? … Because you’re TIGHT!

Is your daddy a terrorist? Because you r the bomb.

Is your daddy a thief, Because he stole all of the stars in the sky and put them in your eyes.

Is your daddy a thief, because he stole all those diamonds and put them in your eyes.

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Is your daddy a thief? Why? Because I saw him steal all the stars out of the sky and put them in your eyes.

Is your daddy a traffic cop? Because you got fine written all over you.

Is your daddy a wielder, [wait for answer]? Because you know how to mend my broken heart”

Is your daddy a wrestler, because I just want to take you down.

Is your daddy an alien because your out of this world

Is your daddy an Aquafina worker because your jugs are perfect.

Is your daddy an artist because your a fine piece of work.

Is your daddy an astronaut? Girl: no then how did you get those stars in your eyes.

Is your daddy an electrician? (if answered no) O i thought he was b/c you are so Electrifying (If answered yes) I knew there had to be a reason why you are so electrifying.

Is your daddy retarded because your special.

Is your daddy the owner of Wendy’s because you make me want to eat great even late.

Is your daddy Tony The Tiger (Frosted Flakes) because you look greaatt! .

Is your daddy Willy Wonka because you look delicious.

Are your parents asholes? Because your the sht.

Did your daddy write a dictionary because you put meaning in my life.

Does your daddy work at the grocery store because you have nice melons!

Does your father sell diamonds? Because you are FLAWLESS!

Excuse me is your daddy a lumber jack? Girl: No. why? because every time i look at you i get wood in my pants.

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If you got those eyes from your mother, I know exactly why your daddy married her.

Is you daddy a lumberjack, because baby you giving me wood.

Is you daddy named Oliver, because soon you’ll be Oliver this d*ck.

Is your daddy a boxer? “No Why?” Because your one hell of a knock out.

Is your daddy a butcher? Because I want to bone you.

Is your daddy a car salesman? [Why?] Because you have nice head lights.

Is your daddy a carnie (carnival worker) Because I want you sit to on my face while I try to guess your weight.

Is your daddy a dentist?(if yes) Then open wide.

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