40+ Best Shrek Pick Up Lines

Shrek the ogre pick up lines

Shrek the Movie is one of the most popular and loved animated film of our generation.

If you enjoyed watching Shrek, then you will definitely enjoy these funny Shrek pick up lines listed below.

Shrek the ogre pick up lines in this article include cheesy pick up lines, dirty Shrek pick up lines, funny pick up lines among others.

Below are the greatest Shrek movie pick up lines to flirt with today, especially flirting with someone who has watched the movie or better yet, you guys have watched it together.

Shrek Pick Up Lines:

I can’t believe you just shrieked my heart to bits.

I am glad it is all ogre now.

I love shadow the hedgehog, but I love you more.

I’ll all ogre you by midnight.

I don’t believe in onion at first sight.

How many times do I need to walk back in your dirshrektion?

We have to take of a couple of layers.

If you want to use some of these lines then you could as well just get dressed like the green troll like they do here!

You are so shreksi and I’ve fallen accidentally in love.

You can invade my swamp.

I’m told you shrekled to the guy who was seated on the left. That’s why I came.

You’re surely shrieking my heart to bits.

I love shadow the hedgehog, but I love you more.

Some body once told me that you are hot and I confirmed it today.

I feel better in you than out of you as I always say.

My love for you is like an onion. Multilayered. 

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I’m going to be all ogre you tonight.

You can invade my swamp.

My love for you is all ogre now.

Aside from the nose, I have other things that grow.

My love for you won’t be ogre until it’s ogre.

I was told to stop loving you but I said ogre my dead body.

Tonight I’m gonna Shwreck your buttho.

Shrek is life, shrek is love. That’s why I want you.

With you I can’t contain my ogreasms.

The arrow in my butt won’t be the only thing quivering tonight.

Looks like you want some shrex so lets go home.

I’m gonna ogreasm all over you baby.

If we were home, I’d let you into my swamp. 

Our relationship will never be ogre.

If I were a movie I would want to be shrek coz you’d love watching me. 

Hey baby, you are like the shrek star. So shreksy

Lord nearquad, lord farquad, lord wherever you arequad.

In my heart you are an allstar.

We just had shrex.

I love how shrektacular you look.

Like I always say, better in you than outside you.

My love for you has many layers like an onion.

You know I have always been head ogre heels for you.

I’m head ogre heels for you, call me shrek.

Will you be my shrekintine?

You have to shrekle this to the next lad

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