40+ Best Naruto Pick Up Lines

Naruto Pick up lines

Looking for the funniest and cheesiest Naruto pick up lines to flirt with today?.

Here is the list of more than 40 greatest Naruto pick up lines.

From dirty pick up lines to clean and clever pick up lines, and funny to smooth Naruto pick up lines.

Here are the best pick up lines to use that are inspired by Naruto.

Naruto Pick Up Lines:

Are you Naruto? Because I am dying to see your limit. 

If you let me, I would show you a love greater than that of Madara.

With my shadow clone up, I am going to give you the best DP of your life. 

Damn babe, you come at me from more angles than the Crystal Ice Mirrors.

Would you like me to show you ALL 6 paths?

I could start a shinobi war just for you.

I would start a shinobi war for you. It did not work for Obito. But guess what, I am not Obito!

As Hashirama would say, ‘you are everything I see’.

My wood is so good that even the guys want it!

Do you happen to be in Team 10?
Because you definitely got that Asuma. 

Would you like to be loved more than Madara loves Hashirama?

Do you want me to show you my best Choji impression?

Would you like to see my wood style great penetration jutsu?

Congratulations, you have passed the bell test.

Would you let me drink from your fountain of youth?

Would you like to taste my totska blade?

How would you feel about sharing an
afternoon with me at my place?

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Do you work at the postal office? I have caught you checking out my package.

If you are in poor health, I could give you some mouth to mouth. 

Let us play a game. I am going to come over and sit on your lap and we discuss the very first thing that pops up, shall we?

If you are thirsty, I have some suition jutsu water.

Is your dad a baker? Because, damn you have the nicest buns.

Are you looking for the best sex of
your life tonight? I think female would do. (Or male).

Are you Sasuke? Because I want that body so bad.

Can I borrow your eyes? Mine cannot see clearly without you. 

Do you know the human body consists
sixty five percent of water? Well, I am super thirsty. 

Do you happen to be origami?
Because all I want to do is fold you up. 

Are you a vegetable? You sure do look like a cutecumber.

Are you a lollipop? Because I think of is to lick you up. 

They say I’m a master with my hands.

Would you like to C4 yourself? 

Is there a mirror in your pocket? Because I can see myself in them.

I just came from the future to take you back with me. You belong there not here… beside me. 

This is a threat! I can make you scream…in pleasure

Would you like to know why they call me ‘the three tails?’

My friends say that I am amazing, but I guess you will have to C2 believe it.

I know the best way to get to your heart.

Nice sandals. I would like to see how they look in the bed.

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Would you like m to show you my mokuton?

If you let me, I would like to give you that shinra tensei.

Do you think you know you have seen enough hentai to know where I am going with this?

I have finally mastered the Rasengan, would you like me to show you? I could send you straight to sleep.

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