How To Know If You Have Real Feelings For A Guy (5 ways to tell)

How To Know If You Have Real Feelings For A Guy (5 ways to tell)

Do you think you have feelings for this guy? Yes! THAT GUY YOU ARE THINKING OF RIGHT NOW!

The fact that, you only thought of him when you read this, says a lot.
But how are you going to be so sure that you actually have real feelings for this guy, let’s find out. It’s so important not to jump into conclusions, and that’s why it will be good for you to know if you have feelings for this guy.

So you met this guy, you guys have been hanging out for a while now. But the problem is that, you are not really sure if you like him or just in the moment, right?.

It’s time we fix that confusion in your mind right now. If you have or experience the following, then chances are you are definitely IN LOVE with this guy. To make sure you make the right decision about your feelings. Here is How To Know If You Have Real Feelings For A Guy (5 ways to tell) .

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The sure ways that tell if you have developed feelings for a guy. Here is how to know if you have feelings for a guy

1: You Think About Your Conversations

Before meeting this guy, you basically think about things to say, what to ask and so on…

When you have developed feelings for a guy, the way you communicate with this guy changes, it’s not like talking to any other man.
You find yourself telling him things that are sometimes not necessary in the fast few days, after knowing each other, for example you tell him all about your family, talk about your dreams and flirtatious topics.

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If both of you are opening up to each other, then there is plenty of chemistry between the two of you. Sometimes It’s hard to know if you truly like someone. Maybe this guy is also in the same situation as you, he basically can’t also figure out if he has feelings for you.

2: You Think About Him

Out of nowhere, you just find yourself thinking about this guy. You definitely have feelings for a guy if you can’t get him off your mind.

Thinking about someone is an indication that you value them in your life, and chances are you are slowly falling for this guy.

Do not take thinking about someone lightly, it means a lot, as a matter of fact, psychology says that if you are unable to get someone off your mind, it means you are also in that person’s mind too.

If, no matter what you do, you don’t seem to stop thinking about this guy, you find yourself daydreaming about him or remembering the random things he said to you, watch out, your falling in love.

3: You Rank Him Higher Compared To Other Guys

If this guy has a higher rank than other guys in your life, so do your feelings for him.

How To Know If You Have Real Feelings For A GUY? You put on extra effort when you talk to him, when you hang out and and all that.

By putting on extra efforts I mean you want to dress the best just for him, while you wouldn’t care less if it was another guy. You take extra minutes if not hours doing your make-up so that you can look more beautiful to impress the guy. If by any chance that’s actually happening, no need to think twice, you definitely have feelings for this guy.

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Notice if you remember the simple things he said. For instance, if he once said he likes girls in red dresses, you even go an extra mile to buy a red dress so you can dress up for him. You always try to do things that will make him happy.

4: No Other Guy Matters

If no other guy matters again since you met this guy, you have feelings for him. When you develop feelings for a guy, you tend not to notice any other guys around. No matter how hard they try. And all you want to do is to spend time with this particular guy.

When it comes to priorities, no guy has a higher priority in your life more than him, when you are thinking, it’s him you are thinking about, when you are happy, it’s because of him and when you are sad, it’s him that’s the reason.

That’s a sign that the feelings you have for this guy is growing very fast. How do you know if you have feelings for a guy, you don’t notice any other guy but him, that’s it.

5: You Want Him In Your Future Life

That’s exactly what happens when you have feelings for a guy, you want him to stay in your life for ever, you can’t help but imagine how such a cute family both of you will have.

If you keep on seeing this guy in your future, that guy just stole your heart, literally. I bet, if at all you hadn’t heard from this guy for a single day, that will drive you crazy. You always want to wake up in the morning with a “good morning” text from him, and sometimes if you haven’t seen the text, it spoils your day.

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You know how you think about your future, then you notice his part of it too. That’s love.
You can’t help it but always picture yourself with him in the next several years.

How To Know If You Have Real Feelings For A GUY? you are currently thinking about him when you are reading this right now. His face, his smile, how he talks to you, everything comes in your mind about him, that’s how you know you have feelings for a guy.

Concludeding On…. How To Know If You Have Real Feelings For A Guy (5 ways to tell)

If you have experience these 5 signs at some point in your life after meeting this guy. GIRL, YOU HAVE FEELINGS FOR HIM. You can’t help it. Now that It’s clearly true for you that you have feelings for this guy, it’s time you know if he has feelings for you to. Read the exact details that will tell you if a guy likes you HERE. (15 secretive signs)

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