7 Reasons why Guys pull away when you let them in


7 Reasons why Guys pull away when you let them in

You know how you play hard to get when this guys starts chasing you? Because you know he has feelings for you, you keep on playing hard to get but after you’ve concluded, that he has chased you enough you decide to let your guard down, for him. But only to realize he is pulling away immediately you let him in.

Now you realize he isn’t chasing you any more, he starts pulling away from you, and you are left wondering why he is pulling away. Asking yourself, why is he not giving me the attention he used to?.

Here are 7 Reasons why Guys pull away when you let them in.

Reasons why Guys pull away

1: The Chase Was Too Easy For Him

Guys love challenge. No guy wants to date a girl who was easy to get for them. As they say, the harder it is to get it, the more you will value it when you get it. So if a guy feels like you are such an easy catch, they will not want to start anything serious with you because they will think, it will also be easy for others guys, to get to you when you are dating them. Making you cheat on them.

So do not be an easy pray for guys, play hard to get even if you are into the guy already, make him chase you for a while. Not too much, but maybe just enough.

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2:He Might Be Scared

It’s true.

You might not be able to see it but a guy might actually be scared when you let them in. It’s actually one of the most used excuse by guys when they pull away from a girl. But sometimes it’s not an excuse.

Some guys are more confident when chasing you because they are still in the process, but when you let them in and they find out that this is actually happening, they get scared of the real thing.

A real relationship might give a guy cold feet without the girl actually realizing it. That’s one of the reasons why he pulled away when you let him in.

3: He Doesn’t Want Commitment

A guy might be chasing you for the longest time but in real life, he really doesn’t want any serious commitment with you. so, immediately he finds out that you want serious commitments with him he pulls away very fast.

The sad thing about this is that a guy can actually take advantage of you, and switch off. Be careful.

4: He Is Also Playing Hard To Get

This might sound crazy, but this actually happens, when a guy chases you, he already knows exactly what he wants from you, so when he finds out that you can not offer him what he wanted exactly, ( he ends up feeling like his the catch for you) he stops chasing you, but at that point, you have already given in, so at this point you will be the one doing the chasing.

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In some cases, a guy may feel like he has done a lot to get to you, so he wants to pass the ball, back to you and let you fight for his attention too.
This can be seen as childish but these things actually happen to even older guys, they want you (the girl) to win his heart, so you have to chase him too.

5: He Wasn’t Really That Into You

It happens, sometimes a guy isn’t really interested in you as a woman, so when you let them in after they have been chasing you for a while, they decide to pull away instead. If he pulled away immediately you let them in, then chances are they weren’t interested in you.

That’s why it’s important for girls to take their time to get to know a guy well enough before completely letting them in.

6: He Might Think You Have Somehow Changed

As said earlier, a guy knows what he wants from the woman he is currently chasing. And it happens at some point that the woman changes, then there is no point of the guy continuing with the chase.

Other than that, guys might want to be with you just for fun, but when you start making things more serious, and that’s not what they expected with you, they decide to walk away from you.

7: He’s Simply Just A Player

Gone were the days when being a player was a privilege for guys, but you will be surprised to know that this actually still exists.

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The goal of a guy by chasing you might just be only to add you in his list of females he is dating.

It’s a sad truth, that this is still going on, and that could also be the reason why he pulled away when you let him in, because he did not actually want to be in your life in the first place, he just wanted to add you on his list, maybe because he thinks you are pretty enough.

Wrapping up on 7 Reasons why Guys pull away When you let them in

Before you jump into conclusions about why a guy pulled away from you, the best thing to do would be to ask him what the problem is.

If you already let him in, it means you kind of trusted him a little bit for you to do so. So you can ask him what the problem is, because there might be another reason, why he pulled away that’s not mentioned above. For instance a guy might pull away from you because he received a threat (or asked not to be with you) from your EX or your current boyfriend. (THIS IS JUST BUT AN EXAMPLE ).

There are plenty of reasons why a guy pulls away from you when you let them in. But the above list includes the most common reason why a guy probably pulled away immediately you let him in.

There you have it, 7 Reasons why Guys pull away When you let them in

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