50+ Best Pikachu Pick Up Lines

Pikachu Pick up lines

What are the best Pikachu pick up lines for flirting with a crush?.

If you are looking for Pikachu pick up lines, then you are in the right place.

Below is the list of nothing but the best Pikachu pick up lines, that include from funny Pikachu pick up lines to dirty Pikachu pick up lines, clever pick up lines, cheesy pick up lines among other Pikachu inspired pick up lines to flirt with today.

With that being said, here are the best Pikachu pick up lines to use today.

Pikachu Pick Up Lines:

I wish you had a Ditto in your pocket because I see myself in your pant. 

My biggest dream is become Clefairy so that I can double slap that a**. 

I’m planning to acquire a Burn Heal because you are so hot. 

You don’t need to worry about my paintbrush. I’m pretty handy with it. 

Would you compare me to Smeargle?

My Margicap knows several things but more importantly splash. 

I’m glad to be a pokemon trainer because it gives me the experience to handle your jinglypuffs. 

I’d gust your pants off if I were a pidgeotto. 

If you were the ground I would be a diglett so that that I could be inside you. 

Will you come over to my place so that I show you Onyx earthquake move?

Would you mind if I asked to squirtle all over your jigglypuffs. 

Do you want us to belong together like starmie and staryu?

Can you help my Ekans learn intercourse?.

If I were an Abra, I’d teleport to your bedroom.

Do you want to use rock polish on my pokeballs?

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I have very nice bell-sprout. Do you want to see them?

Could that be tangelo?

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I’d thunderpuch that ass if I were Hitmonchan. 

You give my Gengar a beautiful smile. 

I’d see right through your pants if I were a Ghastly. 

Do you want me to spread honey on your Forrretress?

When I first set my eyes on you, my Gyrados hydropumped. 

I had made you some moomoo milk, but I forgot to use my milk tank. 

I wish you could watch my Ekans evolve. 

Can we battle so that we can get some experience?

Would you help my pretty weak Exeggcute?

Girl, you make me Rhy-horny. 

If you were mine I’d pound you with my piplup every night. 

Will you come over to my place and see my nuggets?

You make me dizzy. Do you use confuse ray?

I noticed you were here when my diglett go attracted to your sweet scent. 

Can we move from here so that I can use rock climb in your fortress?

Girl, you set my chimchar right on fire. 

Can you butterfree your schedule? Because I want you to go out with me

I would like us to go to my gym and have a naked battle.

Girl, you are the best girl to put the cool in tentacool. 

I’d use splash on you if I were a Magikarp. 

Can we go home and make a Mewtwo of our own. 

I’d be a pokemon if you were a squirtle because you make me wet. 

My pokeballs are so legendary. Would you like to touch them just to confirm this?

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I have some legendary pokemone beck at my place. Will you come over and see them?

If we were Weedles, we’d make a Kakuna and evolve together. 

Hey baby, I want to make your milktanks moo. 

Can I make your jinglypuffs sing?

Do you think my bulbasaur knows tickle?

I set my eyes on you and I got a cubone. 

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