35+ Best Mermaid Pick Up Lines

Mermaid pick up lines

Looking for Mermaid pick up lines to flirt with?.

Look no further, below is a random list of the best and most unique mermaid pick up lines.

Both guys and girls can use these dirty mermaid pick up lines, cheesy, and funny pick up line, it’ll all depend on how one frame’s the pick up line they choose from this article.

Mermaid Pick Up Lines:

Honestly.. I don’t know which is prettier, this evening, the mermaid’s hair or your eyes?

Are you ready to swim in the deep end? Because I show you how.

Hey sexy, mermaids aren’t the only things that are beautiful. 

Do mermaids use towels to dry themselves off? If they do, I sure wish I were that towel because I would dry out when you are wet. 

Wanna go back to my room and watch that movie about mermaids?

Did you hear how I saved that little mermaid from drowning last week?

Are you accustomed to seamen? Because you are so mermaid. 

People tell me you are mermaid, but I’m a great swimmer. Can we try the deep end?

How I wish you’d drown so that we have mouth to mouth. 

Girl you must be a mermaid because you blow everyone else out of the water with your beautiful look. 

I’m told even mermaids dry themselves. Let’s go back to my place and get out them wet clothes. 

Just like summer brings warmth to mermaids, I bring heat.

If you were a beach, I’d pick you to lay on. 

If someone throws you with mermaids I water, I’ll save you first. 

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If every mermaid here accidentally drowned, the first I’d pull out would be yours. 

Hey girl, I’m going to ask you to leave, because you are making all the mermaids look really bad. 

I’m worried you are the only thing that is more beautiful than a mermaid. How about I keep you in my room for a lifetime?

I may not be a very great swimmer, but as a mermaid I’m confident you’ll bring the experience. 

I was looking for beauty and I think I found one when I found you. 

That sand in your bathing suit spoils the mermaid appearance, can I get it out?

Do you perform best when you are wet, like a mermaid?

If you were a mermaid and you are drowning, would you hold onto my floaties?

Your name must be Mermaid because you are slippery when wet. 

Before I met you I always longed to visit the Atlantic Ocean to see mermaids. But it changed when I got lost in your blue eyes. 

You should go in water and live with the mermaids because you are so hot when on land. 

I thought it’s only mermaids that flip turn but then you flip turned me on. 

You make my heart slip and slide faster than mermaids. 

I want us to adult swim and I’m pretty sure you know the reason.

The oceans want us to join the mermaids. 

Can we jump in the water and be with the mermaids? Because that’s what will make me cool down. I’m on fire. 

Can I call you Mermaid? Because you are so beautiful. 

You are more beautiful than that mermaid skirt you are wearing today. 

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Hey baby, are you mermaid or I’m the one who made you all wet?

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