The 20 Best Dream Houses In The World 2023

Dream houses

Do you have a dream house?.

After talking to thousands of people around the world and Kenyan Magazine research.

We have been able to come up with the list of the famous houses that are voted as the world’s most dream houses.

Almost every single person wouldn’t mind owning one of these masterpiece houses.

The Textile Museum house which is Priced at $35 million, Including $23 million for building and $12 million more for the modification is currently the world’s leading dream house today.

It is located in Washington DC, owned by American billionaire Jeff Bezos and its Architect is John Russell.

With that being said, below is the list of best dream homes today.

Most Desired Dream Houses:

  1. The Textile Museum – Price: $35 Million
  2. The Transparent House – Price: $4 Million
  3. Floating Home – Price: $3.5 Million
  4. The Floating Seahorse – Price: $3.3 Million
  5. Villa Anavaya – Price: $2 Million
  6. Villa Tropicbird – Price: $1.23 Million
  7. Toilet Shaped House – Price: $1.1 Million
  8. Fallingwater House – Price: 345K
  9. The Spaceship House – Price: $250K
  10. The Upside Down House – Price: $220K
  11. Invisible Tree House
  12. Cabin at Longbranch, America
  13. Skinny House
  14. Boeing 727 House
  15. Jungle Frame House
  16. Dragspel House, Sweden
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