Top 15 Best Luxury Furniture Brands In The World 2024

Top Luxury furniture brands

When it comes to having a luxury home, hotel room or office, there are certain furniture brands that you should always consider, for you to have luxurious rooms.

It’s not as easy at it might seem to find a great furniture brand that offers high quality, long lasting, high end and fully equipped furnitures.

In this article, we have listed down the top 15 world’s best and most reliable furniture brands for anyone looking to purchase luxurious furnitures.

These brands offer other great services after purchasing their products.

They are trusted brands and have won plenty of awards for their good work in making luxurious furnitures.

IKEA is one of the most popular luxury furniture brand closely followed by Restoration Hardware, American Signature, Williams Sonoma among others.

With that being said, listed in no particular order, these are the top 15 Best furniture brands for luxury looking houses.

World’s Top Luxurious Furniture Brands:

  1. IKEA
  2. Restoration Hardware
  3. American Signature
  4. Williams Sonoma
  5. La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries
  6. Fendi Home
  7. Bentley Home
  8. Boca do Lobo
  9. Brabbu
  10. Delight FULL
  11. Essential Home
  12. Thomas Blakemore
  13. Baxter
  14. Koket
  15. Anna Casa Interiors
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