40+ Best Cow Pick Up Lines

Cow pick up lines

Cow pick up lines can’t get better than this pick up lines about cows provided in this article.

If you are looking for nothing but the best, cheesiest, funniest, cutest and most romantic cow pick up lines.

Then you landed in the right place, in this article, with the help of cow lovers, farmers and pick up lines gurus.

We have listed down the best cow pick up lines to use on your favorite person today.

Below are the pick up lines about cows.

Cows Pick Up Lines:

I feel our love can be as innocent, tasty and as pure as milk.

If we ditch our milk, we will fall in love with each other. 

Are you a great dancer? Because I want to dance with you underneath the milky night sky. 

My love for you is as crazy as a cow. 

I won’t like to be an awkward cow, but if I dance with you I might. 

Give me the biggest compliment of my life and I will dance like a happy cow. 

If you want to practice dancing, start drinking my milk. 

Can we have our cow love tonight?

I want to love the cow dance with you tonight. 

As you go to sleep tonight, remember to sleep with one your gorgeous milky smiles. 

In a lovely milky night, I want to dance with a cowgirl like you. 

The way you look at me reminds me of how my hungry cow craves for beautiful grass in the field. 

My love for you is like hot coffee that needs milk, honey and creamer. 

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Let this tension not be like a hot coffee that needs milk. 

Let’s go to my place and harvest milk for our beautiful love. 

Can we take to the dance floor and dance like happy cows that have found home in a mountain. 

Let’s dance now as we wait for the milky starry night. 

Can I hold your hands and fall in love with you while the milky moon gazes back at us?

Roses are red, violets are blue and a cow goes moooo. 

Milk from my cow would be the best for us if we need strong bones and grow old together. 

You make me amused with you cow smile and forget my agony in the past. 

Can I attach a cowbell around your neck? Because I want to follow you forever. 

I’m in love with your milky white dress. 

These milky tears of mine will sure cure your pain while my kiss will end your suffering. 

I want to love you like a calf wants his mother for her delicious white milk. 

The feeling I have for you makes me light up like a cow in the moonlight. 

Let’s get out of here to the top of the cattle hill and enjoy the breeze of the night.

I promise to love you like a beautiful cow loves a cute little grass. 

You should teach me how to do the milky dance next time you are at my place.

I will forever sing the anthem of our love of the milky night. 

Your golden beauty amazes me. If you doubt me, see me follow you like a cow that has found new grass. 

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I have fallen in love for a beautiful lady with gorgeous milky eyes. 

Can we go out and enjoy the crickets play the melody for us?

I want us to forever dance the rhythm of the milky night. 

I will feed you with milk that makes bones grow stronger if you allow us grow old together. 

Let’s dance with you tonight until our eyes cry milky tears. 

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