40+ Best Titanic Pick Up Lines

Titanic Pick up lines

Titanic Movie is literally the most romantic movie in the world since the 90s till date.

There is no doubt about that, and since the Titanic has some of the most romantic and sweetest scenes in the movie, there are some amazing pick up lines one can get from the Titanic Movie.

In this article, we have the best, most romantic and the sweetest classic pick up lines related to Titanic.

If you are looking for Titanic pick up lines, look no further.

Below are romantic Titanic pick up lines, cheesy pick up lines, dirty Titanic pick up lines, sweet & cute pick up lines not forgetting the best classic Titanic pick up lines.

Inspired by Rose and Jack of the Titanic, the Titanic movie itself, scenes and other related Titanic, these are the best titanic movie pick up lines.

Titanic Pick Up Lines:

Can we start practicing never letting go? 

Baby, Can I paint you naked?

I long to see you in 3D. 

I’m confident you would have survived the Titanic sinking because you are my better half. 

I’ll keep you in my heart until you go out with me. 

Let’s have a fun game. Be the Titanic and I be the iceberg. 

Violets are blue, roses are red and I’m going down on you like Titanic. 

Call me Titanic and I’ll call you Pacific Ocean because I want to sink in you. 

Can we play Titanic? You go down each time I say iceberg. 

Can I plunge my ship into your ocean?

Please make me be the king of the world. 

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Will you treat me like the Heart of the Ocean? I promise to leave out the part where it is tossed overboard. 

Let’s drown our sorrows together to commemorate the sinking of the Titanic. 

Let people not discourage you that I am broke. If you’ve watched Titanic you realize that the poor people had more fun that the rich until they drowned. 

I may not be in your league, but I promise to show you below the decks. You just need to show me the steerage. 

Remember you told me that you don’t go out at night, but you remember they said Titanic was unsinkable. I’m taking you for a dance at 9. 

Can you come over to my place? Because I want to hit you harder than Cal hit Rose. 

If you were mine I’d treat you like the heart of the ocean. 

At the moment I only have a lifevest so we will have to share. 

Can I make an observation of your deck?

I know some people think we won’t fall in but, but they also said that Titanic could not sink. 

I won’t stop sinking a boat you. 

Can you be Rose then I’ll be Jack? I’m willing to make room on the door for you. 

If you were the ocean, I’d sink my ship in your ocean. 

You so happy today baby. Could you be having an iceberg in your pants?

Follow me to the house so that you be the titanic and I be the iceberg hitting on you. 

If you were there during the titanic, you would have melted the iceberg and saved the ship from sinking because you are so hot. 

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Do you love the Titanic? Because I want to teach you to model like a French girl. 

Do you like the part when the Titanic went down?

I long to teach you how to spit like a man. Please love me. 

If I hit your iceberg would you go down like the Titanic?

Baby girl be the iceberg to my titanic. 

If you saw my giant furnace room you would know you are not so hot. 

If you were the iceberg, I’d be the titanic and ram you all night long. 

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