20+ Best Dance Pick Up Lines

Dance pick up lines

From dance floor to dancing with a stranger, from dancing without giving a damn who is watching you to asking out a special person to dance with you.

Here are the best dance pick up lines to use today, that will definitely get you in a dancing mood.

If you are looking for dance pick up lines, these pick up lines below include funny dance pick up lines, cheesy dance pick up lines, dirty and clever dancing pick up lines.

Dancing Pick Up Lines:

My friend over there wants to know if you are willing to dance with me.

Can we go for a dance?.

Wanna go home with me and watch Step Up?.

If you dance with me I will sure tell my friends I danced with an angel.

Baby girl, you can call me Justin because dancing with me is just-in. 

When I’m old, the day I danced with you and the day I got married will be my crowning memories. 

I’m wondering if you could spare a few minutes and dance with me before you are back to heaven. 

You have sure tied my tongue in a knot. Would you dace with me?

I know of 20 angels: 8 are sleeping, 11 are playing and one is in front of me preparing to dance with me. 

Your eyes have told me all things except your name and whether you’ll dance with me. 

May faith requires we seek virtuous lovely things after dance. So may I ask you out to dance?

Scientists say there are seven wonders in the world, but I feel dancing with you should be the eight wonder. 

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I’m not trying to impress you, but I really want to dance with you. 

They say roses are red and violets are blue. What would they say if I danced with you?

Research has it that emotional stress can cause physical complications. So for your health and mine, dance with me. 

My liahona is pointing towards you and I believe it wants to ask you for a dance. 

Olympics is so famous because it cause once every four years but I’d rather dance with you because meeting a special person like you and asking her for a dance happens once in a lifetime. 

Your beauty has made me forget my dancing style. Would you mind showing me yours?

Choosing me for a dance partner is the best choice you can make. 

I know you might not like it when guys swear to you but I swear long to dance with you. 

My friends tell me I’m a poor mathematician that the only math I know is me + you = us on the dance floor. 

People fall off a building, some fall out a tree, but I want you to fall is onto the dance floor with me. 

You are such a beauty. Even with Liahona I’ll still get lost in your eyes. Could I please have you on the dance floor? 

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