30+ Best Tea Pick Up Lines

Tea Pick up lines

If you are looking for Tea pick up lines, then you are in the right place.

Below is the list of nothing but the best Tea pick up lines, that include from funny Tea pick up lines to dirty pick up lines, clever,  cheesy pick up lines among other Tea inspired pick up lines to flirt with today.

Tea Pick Up Lines:

I may not be your cup of tea but you can still love me. 

I like you like I like my tea, sweet like hell. 

You and my tea have one thing in common: hot and comforting. 

You won’t like a coffee date with me

Can you guess my favourite tea? It’s pretty easy

You, shawTEA
You’re a full bodied breakfast tea.

Would you like to come over for tea and crumpets?

You’re just my cup of tea!

Hey girl! Are you a biscuit?
Cause i wanna eat you with my evening tea.

Can we go to my place and have some tea?

Are you a glass of sweet tea cuz you look like a sweetie.

I like my tea like I like my women


Hey girl, is your name Lipton?

Because you seem like a sweet-tea

Hey girl, are you a common drink in britain?

Because you’re a hot tea

You are so hot, but will you have some hot tea?

This hot cup of tea reminded me to ask you if you are hot in bed. 

I always thought that my cup of tea is the only hot thing until I met you. 

You’re sweeter than the agave syrup in my organic fair trade mint tea.

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Hey girl are you coffee?

Cuz I’m more of a tea person myself.

Hey girl, are you tea?

Because you’re cutiie

Guess my favourite tea

It’s you shaw-tea

I feel like this was already done my now but..

You can call me a twisted tea

Cause I’ll bust on your face

Yesterday i was drinking tea and it reminded me of you, because it was hot af

Can work with any other hot drink of your liking

I like my men

Like I like my tea. In a bag, under water

Sweet tea or sweetie?

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