Top 10 Best YouTubers In Kenya 2022

Best youtubers in Kenya

Who is the best YouTuber in Kenya today?.

Here is the rank list of the top 10 best and most popular YouTubers in Kenya.

YouTube has become a source of income for many Kenyan YouTubers these days and more and more people are now joining YouTube in Kenya creating their channels and creating daily content for Kenyans.

YouTube is the largest video sharing platform in the world and the second biggest search engine today after Google (which actually owns

In Kenya, YouTube is the most visited website after Google and currently one of the best and most used social media platform in the country among TikTok, Instagram and Facebook.

With respect to YouTube content creation, creativity, frequently uploads, loyal fan base and engaging videos, here are Kenya’s best YouTubers.

These Kenyan YouTubers are actually some of the most famous individuals in the country with big channels.

The best Kenyan youtubers today have the most popular YouTube channels in Kenya.

With that being said, here is the ranking of the top 10 best YouTubers in Kenya.

These are some of the Kenyan YouTubers who make a lot of money on the platform but also create, quality, good and engaging videos for their subscribers.

Actually, if done right, YouTube can easily make you a millionaire in Kenya.

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Best YouTubers In Kenya:

1. Mungai Eve

Mungai Eve is currently the best YouTube content creator in Kenya.

Her channel is actually one of the most updated channels in Kenya in terms of daily frequent video uploads.

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2. Tales of the crazy Kennar TV (TOCKtv)

The second best YouTuber in Kenya this year is none other than TOCKtv, where Kennar and his team create short, funny and most relatable, engaging videos.

3. The WaJesus Family

The WaJesus Family is not only the best family channel on YouTube in Kenya but also currently the third best YouTubers in Kenya.

4. Henry Desagu

Comedian and talented content creator Hendry Desagu doesn’t only have one of the most popular YouTube Channels in Kenya but also the 4th best YouTuber in the country.

5. Abel Mutua

Wakurugenziiii!!… Abel Mutua, who is one of the best Kenyan actor, screenwriter, Content Creator, comedian and amazing Storyteller is the fifth best YouTube content creator in Kenya.

6. Miss Trudy

Travel and Lifestyle Youtuber Miss Trudy is among the most successful YouTuber in the country and the sixth best Kenyan YouTuber to watch.

7. Diana Bahati

Taking the seventh place as Kenya’s best youtuber is couple and family YouTube content creator Diana Bahati.


One of the best comedians Kenya has ever had, Njugush is currently the 8th best and most loved comedy channel in Kenya.

9. Thee Pluto Show

Kenyan YouTuber and online content creator The Pluto is one of the best YouTubers in the country and currently the top 9 best YouTuber in Kenya.

10. Wabosha Maxine

Wabosha Maxine is also one of the best and most popular youtubers in kenya today.

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