Who is Kino Yves? Age, Net Worth, Nationality, Wife and Facts

Kino Yves

Who is the Youtuber who travels the world now currently in Africa with his three-wheeled electric bike?.

Kino Yves who started his YouTube channel back in 12 June of 2021 has been able to capture his travels in different countries using his Go Pro camera.

His YouTube channel has now accumulated more than 25 million views and over 140,000 subscribers.

Let’s find out more about Kino Yves below.

Kino Yves Biography:

Kino Yves is a French citizen who travels around the world in different countries on his three-wheeled electric bike (e-trike).

This year, 2023 he is currently in Africa, Kenya to be specific at the time of this writing.

Kino Yves is an engineer who pursued his engineering career in Sea Tech located in Southern France.

He has worked for 2 years in gas and traveled the world earlier for 2 and a half years.

After, he worked for French cable ships for 3 years including freelancing in Indonesia for 3 years and 1 year of freelance in America.

From these jobs is where Kino Yves saved up enough money to start traveling around the world without any sponsorships.

As of now, Kino Yves is making enough money from YouTube to keep on traveling in Africa.

According to Kino Yves as Kenyan Magazine has confirmed, his plan is to go down to South Africa through the east coast then later go back to Europe through Africa via the west coast.

This will take him 5 to 7 years to be back to Europe and finally finish in India, Asia.

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Kino Yves Wife/Girlfriend:

Kino Yves is single and is not married nor have a romantic relationship.

Kino Yves Age:

Kino Yves is currently 38 years old in 2023

Kino Yves Net Worth:

Kino Yves’s net worth is estimated to be alot as he currently makes $10,000 per month from YouTube.

This does not include his savings from the jobs he previously worked.

Kino Yves Nationality.

YouTuber and travel content creator Kino Yves is from France.

Kino Yves Family:

He has a sister who he has traveled with before and according to Kino Yves, he enjoys not being around home and not talking to his family and friends more often as he prefers a few text messages where necessary.

Kino Yves Facts:

Kino Yves uses offline maps to travel in remote areas of different African countries.

He also uses Google maps from time to time.

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