How Many Subscribers You Need To Make Money On YouTube in 2023

How many subscribers to make money on YouTube? This article will answer your questions in full. YouTube recently changed it’s partner program requirements for YouTubers to start making money.

Now, you need a certain number of subscribers to be able to make money on YouTube. After reading this post, you will be able to know the exact number of subscribers you will need to make money on YouTube in 2021.

So how many subscribers do you need to make money on YouTube 2021? Or rather how many views to make money on YouTube. Before we answer these questions. Several things have to be clear fast.

Do You Need Subscribers To Make Money On YouTube?

Well, it depends. But the easy answer is yes. You can definitely make money on YouTube without a lot of subscribers.

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On YouTube, it’s not the subscribers that will pay you, it’s YouTube itself. So the people that subscribe on your YouTube channel only show support, which in turn tells YouTube that the content you are producing is entertaining and the YouTube algorithm starts pushing your content even more.

So How Can You Make Money On YouTube Without Subscribers.

Making money on YouTube without subscribers is possible, but it’s the hardest if you lack subscribers. Because think of it. How do you want the YouTube algorithm to fall in love with your content and push it to more and more people if no one is subscribing to your channel? You get it?

So, the only way you can make money on YouTube without subscribers is by promoting other people’s products but instead of posting the videos on your channel. Where no one has subscribed to you. You are going to pay YouTube to promote your video, to people who haven’t subscribed to you.

The video will appear on their home feed page or when they type in a keyword on YouTube search, that is related to your video.

You are probably wondering, how I’m I making money on YouTube if I’m paying YouTube? Let me tell you how. Remember I told you, you will have to promote other people’s products. Right. Now the person or company’s products you are promoting will pay you, for promotion. That’s how you get make money without subscribers. Pretty insane right?

So Bottom Line making money on YouTube without subscribers, is close to impossible. I mean who’s going to click on an ad promoting shampoo which, randomly appeared on their home feed page? You get the point now. Making money on YouTube without subscribers is not possible.

Do You Need Subscribers To Make Money On YouTube?

Yes! Definitely. You will need to have people who love your videos and watch them every time you post a new one, to be able to accumulate revenue from YouTube.

The potential of making money on YouTube is limitless. In fact there’s no limit to how much you can earn on YouTube. The popular you get, the more money flows to you.

Your YouTube subscribers are your YouTube followers. They are the once that will make you or break you. Meaning, the number of subscribers you have should not really be your aim.

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What you should focus on, instead, is the the number of loyal subscribers. People who like your videos, share your videos and follow you on all social media platforms.

Think of it, what’s the point of having a million subscribers, and only 10,000 people actually watch your videos. In fact, that will make the YouTube algorithm think, you got these many subscribers illegally, “Fake Subs” Meaning you will look like a spam in YouTube eyes.

How Many Subscribers Do You Need To Make Money On YouTube?

Recently, YouTube changed a few things in it’s partner program requirements. A while ago, you could just start a YouTube channel today, post a few videos, and monetize your channel the same day to earn revenue from YouTube.

But those days are long gone, nowadays, you will have to reach a certain number of subscribers on your YouTube channel to be able to monetize the channel.

According to the new YouTuber Partner Program Requirements. To monetize a YouTube channel you will need the following:

At least 1,000 Subscribers

And at least 4,000 watch hours in the past 12 months

The threshold of the above list has to be reached for a channel to be allowed for monetization.

When, you reach this threshold. CONGRATULATIONS!!

You can now start earning money on YouTube by allowing YouTube, to place ads on your videos.

The best part is that you will have complete control over this. As a result, You will choose manually where you want the ads to appear on your videos. You can choose to remove or add ads on each videos on your YouTube channel.

The more ads placed on a video the more money that specific video is going to make.

What Do You Do When You Have Reached The Threshold

Well first of all, CONGRATULATIONS! Again for not quiting. Looking on the threshold YouTube has placed. You might think it’s impossible to reach it, at least that’s what many people think. That’s why I’m congratulating you for not being one of them.

If you really want to make millions from YouTube. You have to be hangry for it. Don’t get disappointed so easily. The thing is, if you actually get to the threshold, it already tells YouTube, that you are passionate about what you are doing and you kept on posting Creative videos on YouTube without being monetized

So, when the threshold is reached. YouTube will reach out to you through email to congratulate you, and confirm to you that you can now start placing ads on your YouTube video.

How Do You Place Ads On Your YouTube Videos?

The process is pretty simple. Because you YouTube has simplified the work for you making almost everything you need to do automatic with a touch of a baton.

When you are allowed to monetize your videos. You can simply follow the instructions YouTube will give you. Or you can just head over to your YouTube channel profile, go to view channel, and click on manage videos.

From these point, all you have to do is add ads to the videos you want them to show up to and select where the ads will appear.

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YouTube is made it even simpler. If you don’t have time for all that, you can just let YouTube automatically place ads on your videos for you.

Is That It? Now Can I Start Making Money?

That’s pretty much it. BUT.

To maximize your YouTube earnings. There are certain things that you need to put into practice.

How Long Should Your YouTube Videos Be?

YouTube Recommends that you post high quality videos that are 10 minutes or more long. But it the length of the videos was reduced to 8 minutes just recently. Remember, the longer the video, the more ads YouTube can place on it, which then translates to more revenue. The aim of YouTube is to keep people on their platform as much as possible, so if you can help them do just that, expect to be loved by YouTube.

What Ads Are Shown On Your Videos?

YouTube, using adsense, will place relevant ads depending on your video type, location of your viewers, and seasons. For example if one of your viewers is watching your videos on Christmas, they will only see ads related to Christmas holiday.

So, don’t worry about the ads on your videos, YouTube and adsense will do the work for you and all your viewers will see different and unique ads. Adsense will definitely not show an “how to lose weight faster” ads on Christmas eve. No relax. Everything is being taken care of.

What’s Adsense?

Adsense is a Google owned advertising company that advertisers pay some amount of money to have their ads distributed and displayed to a lot of potential customers and buyers online, worldwide.

Adsense, then pays the creators a fee if their content is used to displaying ads on. In your case, a YouTube video.

How Much Can You Make On YouTube?

A lot, or nothing.

It all depends on your YouTube consistency and video interaction or performance. Remember when we talked about how it’s important not to focus on the number of subscribers, instead build a fan base of subscribers?

This is where it all boils out. The interaction on your videos will be high if you have a fan base subscribers. Unlike just having a bunch of don’t care bots.

Your loyal subscribers, will click on the ads on your videos. Share your videos to others social media platforms, like Instagram and Facebook, comment and like your videos.

That’s what matters, because, that’s how you’ll get more money on a single video.

So, to answer your question. You need a reasonable amount of views on each of your videos to make a good amount of money. Some other factors that might affect your earnings with YouTube is.

Location of your viewers. (USA VIEWER = MORE MONEY) Compared to some other countries. Because it’s tier 1 country.

Ads Type

Length of the video

Time of the year

Number of views on a video

Content on the video

Topic of the video

Now, to maximize your YouTube earnings check the things on the above list that you can improve. Having 1,000 Subscribers on YouTube is not the only factor on how much money you make.


The more videos you post continuously on YouTube and engage with your fans, the more the Mulaa

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How Many YouTube Channels Can You Have?

Fortunately, YouTube allows you to have upto 50 channels on a single Google account. But you definitely don’t need all those channels. One or two is enough to grow easily and maintain.

You don’t want to get overwhelmed with channels because you don’t know what to post, and where to post first, plus running out of topics for your videos will be easy, with a lot of YouTube channels.

Should You Create A YouTube Channel This Year? Is YouTube Dead?

How Many hours of videos are uploaded on YouTube monthly? BILLIONS! How many people are on YouTube right now as you are reading this? MILLIONS!

So is YouTube dead in 2021? NOPE! It’s so alive.

Should you start a YouTube channel to make money on YouTube in 2021? DEFINITELY

With YouTube being all loaded and crowded with creators. Bringing something unique on the table should be your goal to blow up quickly on YouTube.

What Should I Do To Grow My YouTube Channel?

The one way to grow a new YouTube channel is to post videos that are related to what’s trending on YouTube at the time and the internet in general.

Another thing you should do to grow your YouTube channel is to collaborate with others YouTubers. These YouTubers don’t necessarily have to be huge YouTubers with millions of subscribers.

You can collaborate with other YouTubers on your level and help build each other’s empires. Support is everything when it comes to YouTube growth.

The other thing that will definitely help you if you don’t think you are at a position to do the first two is consistency. Post regularly and post high quality videos. And watch your subscriber count going up every day.

Hopefully, all your questions concerning YouTube and subscribers have been answered on this article. If not or you have any additional questions. Please feel free to leave a comment below.

As a new YouTuber. Getting started on YouTube can seem like an actual job. Which it is if you thing about it in a money perspective.

But starting a YouTube journey without letting your passion fuel you in the YouTube journey, is tricky, you are gonna have to stop focusing on the money and enjoy YouTube more. The money follows the journey.

Post regularly on YouTube, comment back to your loyal fans on the comment section and consider doing giveaways as you grow more popular on the platform.

The one thing you should never forget is that, not everyone wants to see you succeed. So try as much as possible to ignore your haters and their unthinkable comments.

Focus on growing your fan base rather than reacting tlo the hate you are getting. It’s pretty normal as you grow on YouTube. Remember. Remember that even your favorite YouTuber was like you a few years ago. You just have to make a move.

There you have it

Now you know what it takes to make money on YouTube in this year after reading How Many Subscribers You Need To Make Money On YouTube in 2021 And you have apparently known how many subscribers you need to make money on YouTube this year.

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