60+ Best Engineering Pick Up Lines

Engineering Pick up lines

What are the best Engineering pick up lines to use for flirting?.

If you want to flirt with a person that you like using Engineering pick up lines, then you are in the right place, because we have a collection of the best Engineering pick up lines for your flirting game.

The Engineering pick up lines in this article are a combination of dirty Engineering pick up lines, clever Engineering pick-up lines, cheesy pick up lines and funny Engineering pick up lines.

Here are the best, Engineer and Engineering pick up lines to use today.

Engineering Pick Up Lines:

You can call me Relay because I want to turn you on. 

With all the resistors in my circuit, I still can resist you. 

You have the nicest elevation I’ve ever seen. 

I’ve got a huge collection of solution manuals, can I have your number? 

Please tell me you’re an electron because you have me electrified. 

You must be the square root of 2 because you make me irrational. 

You’re talking to someone so good at algebra, I could replace your X and you wouldn’t even know Y. 

Your body has the loveliest arc length of anyone I’ve ever seen. 

You must have a constant centripetal acceleration because you have my head going in circles. 

After studying for many years, I’ve finally found my X in you; the X Factor of my life. 

You must be differentiable, if not, you wouldn’t have all thise smooth curves. 

My Young’s Modulus is always increasing when I’m with you. 

The frequency of my pulse increases when I see you. I need your love to act as the regulator. 

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I’m a transformer, a big step up from your ex-boyfriend. 

Hey baby, I’ll be your dielectric.

Baby, you are the perfect switch, you always turn me on. 

From the moment I first saw you, I knew immediately that we’d be perfect in an orbital together. 

Come over to my house and I’ll show you the difference between series and parallel connections.

Are you negative? Because I’m positive and attracted to you. 

I miss you so hard, diamond would break easier than glass. 

My number is oddly imaginary, can I have yours? 

The golden ratio of your face s no doubt 0.32 because you’re just so gorgeous. 

Your dimples are cuter than a cardoid. 

Hey baby, I’m Windows; can I crash at your place?

You’re like a strong magnetic field because you just induced a flow in me.

Even if we were in outer space or on a planet without gravity, I’d still fall for you. 

My love for you could power a whole city for months. 

Can I handle your systems analysis? 

I’ll be your capacitor when the frequencies get high; always open for you. 

I thought the fundamental theorem of calculus was fascinating until I met you. 

Hi, did you know that distance equals velocity multiplied by time? I’d love it ifwe allow our velocity and time tend towards infinity because I want to go all the way with you. 

I’d love to bisect your angles. 

I won’t stop bugging you until you give me your homepage address. 

Hey, you’ve got a nice set of parabolas. ,

Let’s take each other to the limit, who knows? We might converge. 

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Without you, my life is like dereferencing a null pointer. 

Baby, have you ever thought about why we resonate together? We must share the same natural frequency.

Let’s come together and take a measurement of the coefficient of static friction between me and you. 

How would you like to come with me to my lab and work on my microprocessor? 

Baby, the sight of your body creates a stress in my heart and a strain in my beam. 

Hey baby, dance with me. Let’s put our inertia in motion. 

Hey baby, what’s your sine? I’m guessing it is Pi/2 because you are the 1.

I’m attracted to you baby, and according to Newton’s gravitational laws, you’re attracted to me too. 

You are like a rectifier, all I see is your positive side. 

Just like a concave up funcrion, my love for you is always increasing. 

Hey babe, are you a Wi-Fi router? Because I just saw you checking out my packet. 

Darling, you’re the source of the rythm in my heartbeats. 

If I could be an enzyme, I’ll want to be DNA helicase. That way, I can unzip your genes. 

You’re like a 250W halogen bulb, you brighten my life. 

I absolutely less than 3 you dear. (I <3 You) 

You charge me up like you’re my AA battery. 

Were like opposite poles on a magnet, I am attracted to you and I can’t stay away. 

You’re like ultratech cement: every engineer’s choice. 

My love for you is a constant; with a differntial of zero and no concavity. 

With your consent, we can convert our potential energy to kinetic energy. 

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You’re hotter than a bunsen burner set to maximum burning power. 

If you’ll give me a chance, we could add up better than a Reimann sum. 

You’ve got a beautiful design; your parents must be engineers. 

Tell me you’re a carbon sample because I want to date you. 

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