101 Wishes List: Best Life Goals You Should Achieve 2023

Wish list

A wish is a hope or desire for something, these are the things you truly and deeply want to achieve, own or accomplish in your life.

Why should you make a wish list?

Because life gives you what you wish for it just depends on how bad you want it.

Creating a bucket list is essential to ensure you put your life into your own hands.

Your imagination is your greatest gift to yourself. Don’t let anyone dim your shine. We all have wishes and goals.

Here are more than 100 best wishes list to follow in your life and try to archive them.

Don’t wait for something special to happen for you to start doing things that give your life a meaning and make you feel alive.

We hope these list of wishes inspires you to chase your life goals and not stop for nothing in the world until you get where you want to be.

My Ultimate Wish List:

Say I love you every day to the people that make my life a little better

Shop without looking at the price tag

Have a great answer to every question

Retire comfortably at 50

Travel abroad with my mom

Buy land in another country

Work because I want to, not because I need to

Learn to snowboard

Start a trend on the internet

Climb Mount Kilimanjaro

Travel the world with someone I love

Launch a product

Visit Kenya

Fall in true love

Buy a dog

Join scientists in discovering new things

Complete a triathlon

Travel abroad with my siblings

Start keeping a pet

Stop gambling

Eat healthy meals for an year straight

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Start praying on a regular basis

Read a book

Keep my body attractive

Quit social media for some time

Respect the people who show me respect

Try yoga

Mentor & inspire young girls/boys

Start hiking

Ask a stranger on a date

Follow my heart

Visit my favorite country

Try new things that scare me

Kiss someone I meet for the first time

Horseback ride in the mountains

Pay off my student loans

Learn from a visionary leader

Ask questions

Write a best selling novel and have it made into a blockbuster movie

Be able to repair household plumbing and electrical fixtures myself

Identify my mission in life

Travel overseas on a diplomatic mission

Do stand up comedy and be fearlessly funny

Go to church

Tell people how I really feel

Discover something wonderful about myself I did not realise before

Prove String Theory

Stop wasting time on unimportant things in life


Live on/near the beach for a month

Look good naked

Be the best daughter, sibling, family member I can be

Find the cure for middle age spread

Learn to use a jack and change a tyre

Sing like a star

Inspire someone today

Be proud myself, my life, my work

Believe in myself truly & authentically

Invest in farms

Turn my ideas into reality

Make enough money to support myself & my family

Talk to strangers

Take care of my health

Work on/stay on a ranch

Make music

Make a living doing what I love

Get asked to speak at a well-known conference

Learn to catch & cook fish

Start a small company

Quit an addiction

Look at problems as opportunities

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Become mortgage and debt free

Weave a flower necklace

Learn to shimmy with style and learn to dance The Charleston

Date & build meaningful connections

Work globally

Be asked to submit a weekly opinion column for a local newspaper

Build my own home

Learn how to quit my 9 – 5 and earn an income without a job

Break a bad habit completely

Group hug a redwood tree with a bunch of friends

Find the perfect someone with whom to share my life

Discover and name new planet in our solar system

Indulge my wildest fantasy and discover its better than I thought

Finish what I start this year

Donate bone blood

Dress entirely in plastic clothing for a day

See a hippopotamus cool off in a river

Receive a marriage proposal in sky writing

Attend a wedding

Save the money I squander on impulse buys

Be an apprentice to an old fashioned boat builder

Swap lives with my cat for a day

Save money

Start an online business

Become popular in my town

Drive an extremely expensive car

Own my dream car

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