Disco Matanga Main Cast and Actors Names

Disco Matanga

Disco Matanga is a YouTube series by Kenyan actress Jacky Vike aka Awinja, the show is a big success in the country and the online response from fans can prove it.

The online series Disco Matanga by Awinja Nyamwalo is a Luyah show that revolves around Awinja and the death of her brother Izianunu, and his two wives.

The production of the film was shot in western in the land of the Luyahs, this means that actors had to travel to the village in Western Kenya to make the show a success.

Who created Disco Matanga?.

The show was created by Jacky Vike and directed by Antony Ngung’u with the producers of the show being Lawrence Murage and Rakeem Wanjeru.

If you are a fan of the Disco Matanga that is now streaming season 1 this year on YouTube.

Get to know your favorite actors and actresses below.

Disco Matanga Actors:

  1. Jacky Vike
  2. Eddy Butita plays Izianunu
  3. Nawal Mustafah
  4. Jane Mulanda
  5. Humphrey Maina
  6. Asman Mwanza
  7. YY Comedian
  8. Nick Kwach
  9. Ricca Pokot
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