Top 10 Best Agribusiness Ideas for Kenyan Farmers 2023

Agribusiness Ideas In Kenya

What are the best Agribusiness ideas for any Kenyan Farmer today?.

Here is the list of the top 10 best agribusiness ideas for farmers in Kenya who want to make nothing but profits this year.

Kenyan farmers are evolving day in day out with new ideas, adviced technology and self taught skills which makes most of them stand out from the crowd.

With the help of 3 well established and successful Kenyan farmers, we have been able to come up with a list of nothing but the best agribusiness ideas that have a very high chance of success in the Kenyan farming industry.

For any Kenyan farmer who wants to make good money as a farmer in the country, here are the top agribusinesses ideas to try out this year.

Agribusiness Ideas In Kenya:

1. Tomato Farming

Another great Agribusiness Idea in Kenya is Tomato Farming.

Tomatoes can really make mind-blowing profits if grown, packaged and sold well.

In Kenya, one of the most bought are tomatoes. They are everywhere in the country from Supermarkets to small Kibandas in the villages.

One tip from a Kenyan farmer is that if you choose to grow tomatoes for profits, you better grow them in a Greenhouse, that’s where most farmers find success, and so can you.

Not mentioning how the price of a single tomato in Kenya has gone up from how it used to be.

A Kenyan farmer by the name Hazard revealed to us that at one point of his tomato farming business, he made Ksh. 260,000 after only investing Ksh. 39,000 into it.

That’s a Ksh. 221,000 profit just from a greenhouse tomato business. Now that is a success story.

2. Vegetable Farming

With a capital of less than Ksh. 10,000, you can easily start a vegetable and fresh produce agribusiness in Kenya today.

Remember, the most consumed food by Kenyans till date is vegetables, everyone in the country buys vegetables literally every single day and goes grocery shopping for bulk groceries almost 3 times a week.

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The good part about vegetable farming is that you can grow your vegetables in a greenhouse or an open farm. You get to decide.

3. Fish Farming

Fish farming in Kenya is getting very popular these days, not only in the rural areas but also in the urban area where Kenyan farmers are going to an extent of building a fish pond in their backyard just to practice fish farming.

Fish farming is literally making people millionaires in Kenya in a countable number of years.

All you need is a fish pond if you own a big piece of land at your place, or if you are blessed enough to afford a different piece of land somewhere else, then dedicate it to fish farming.

Though you might need to hire a few people to do some of the complicated stuff for you including security, checking water levels and temperature, you should not have any problems.

The investment you make on a fish farming business will give you returns that other farmers will take years to achieve.

4. Dairy farming

Dairy farming in Kenya is always and will continue to boom as years go by, because dairy products are one of the most consumed products of all time in Kenya. There is no doubt about that.

Daily Farming in Kenya has endless opportunities for a farmer to make a ton of money, from using or selling manure to selling the actual dairy products, from selling butter & ghee to animal selling, you name it.

The price of dairy products such as milk is actually higher this year.

If you are thinking of making farming your full time job, then definitely consider dairy farming in Kenya.

5. Poultry Farming

Poultry farming is another smart agribusiness idea for a farmer who wants to make it big in Kenya this year.

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We believe that this is actually one of the most underrated agribusiness ideas in Kenya, considering the less amount of effort that goes into it compared to other farming activities and the amount of profit one can get from poultry farming.

A lot of Kenyan farmers are scared to go into poultry farming as their full time job because of it’s risks.

But that’s the enticing part of it, no risk no gain!

Poultry farming only requires you to maintain a high hygiene level and frequently checking the health of your chickens, or simply hire somebody to do that job for you as you collect the profits.

In poultry farming there are many opportunities aside from the known once like; keeping layers for eggs among others.

Build a well sized house that can fit all your chickens and start poultry farming in Kenya today, the sky is the limit.

6. Avocado Farming

Avocado Farming is among the top agribusiness in Kenya that has high profits.

Especially if you are growing good Avocado variety such as the Hass Avocado, you are on the right track to farming success in the country.

Hass avocado is very popular in Kenya and it is loved by the consumers very much.

The demand of avocado has also been increasing in the recent months, and the beauty of avocado farming is that you don’t only rely on the local market but you can also sell your avocados to international consumers and eventually win a market recognition in the process. Which can make your business a six figure business.

7. Mushroom Farming

If you are looking for an agribusiness idea in Kenya to venture in that you don’t need to do a lot of hard work and get results in a relatively short time, then mushroom farming is for you.

With just a capital not exceeding Ksh. 40,000 you can start Mushroom Farming in Kenya and your Mushrooms will be ready to hit the Kenyan market in nothing more that 3 months of less work.

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8. Bee Keeping

Bee Keeping is another underrated agribusiness in Kenya today.

Of course the bee keeping business has its own disadvantages like getting stringed by the bees you are keeping.

But that’s the only negative side of bee keeping, otherwise it is a very profitable business in Kenya.

In Kenya with bee keeping, you can easily make almost Ksh. 100,000 per harvest and you don’t have to be the one who does the harvesting, you can hire people to do the harvesting for you while you handle the business side of it.

9. Spices Farming

Spices Farming has increased its popularity in Kenya and the Kenyan farmers who jumped on it way earlier are now enjoying their investments.

This type of agribusiness is among the best agribusiness to venture in because of the consistency of its market growth and the favorable Kenyan weather condition of growing spices.

Not mentioning how cheap it is to start this kind of agribusiness in Kenya.

10. Sheep and Goat Keeping

Sheep and Goats farming might sound like a lot of work but the profit of this kind of agribusiness idea is the motivation.

Raring sheep and goats in Kenya is very profitable, because most people nowadays are buying goat & sheep milk which means it has a relatively high demand.

You will also make money from selling the meat of your goats and sheeps to individuals and businesses. Not mentioning the demand of a goat’s mohair in the market today.

This year, those are the top ideas to venture in when it comes to agribusiness in the country.

They are all relatively low cost businesses to start and they require no professional skills to run the business to success.

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