How To Become A Millionaire in Kenya


The post that teaches you How To Become A Millionaire in Kenya

Here is How To Become A Millionaire in Kenya

So you want to become a millionaire? I’ll be honest with you. YOU CAN BECOME A MILLIONAIRE. but it’s not going to be easy.

One biggest reason why not a lot of people out there are not millionaires is because they quit, they get distracted, they are afraid of other people’s opinions.

In this post I’ll give you what it takes for you. Yes you! To become a millionaire. So let’s face it.

Financial freedom is a good thing in your life. You don’t get to worry about your rent, what you’ll eat, how you’ll get home and the list goes on and on. It’s endless.

Is a millionaire all you want to be?

Sometimes is not all about the money, or the title or even the respect that comes with it. It’s just about what I said above. THE FREEDOM.

Now let’s jump right through it – How To Become A Millionaire in Kenya
The following are legit ways of helping you become a millionaire in a couple of years if not this year.

How to become a MILLIONER in Kenya:

Here are proven tips and tricks that are guaranteed to make you a MILLIONER in a few years.


Yes. Saving, I know you probably expected this. Saving has to come number one in this list. If you have not been saving or never even thought of saving some money.

I hate to tell you this but you are on the wrong track. If financial freedom is your aim, on this case becoming a millionaire.

Depending on the percentage of your income, you should save a certain percentage of it for the future.

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After paying taxes, paying your rent, clearing your water and electricity bills etc. Save at least 10% to 30% of the remaining amount.

A saving habit will be the best thing you’ll ever do in the long run. Plus if you save in your bank account, you may be able to get a an interest from the money you save, which is way better than just keeping your saved money under your bed. Reality is, you will not become a millionaire over night.


Studies show: a lot of young people have more debts compared to the other persons older. This probably because in this generation people want more than what they can actually work for.

You want a good car so you can cruise to school/job with and flex. But in real life you can’t afford it. So what’s your plan.

You consider taking a loan from your bank to buy yourself a car. Don’t get me wrong, there’s absolutely no problem in owning a brand new car, it’s actually a great secondary need to own.

But think about it. The people in your school/job won’t help you pay off your loans from the bank, will they? Now end month comes, you are paid your salary.

You are supposed to pay for your bills, and taxes then keep the rest. But now, you have to pay for your debt plus the general car costs like fuel, car insurance, updating drivers license and car maintenance costs. This money you have used on those unimportant things would more than enough for saving.

Having a debt reduces your costs of living. Meaning you have to make paying off your debts a priority, so way more money will be used on paying debts making it difficult for you to save.

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If you already have debts, maybe with your bank, credit card school debts (loans). All is not over for you. Start paying off your debts from today.

Yes I know it’ll slow down you down, but that will be a good move your making. The earlier you start the better. If you have no debts at all.

You are doing great, try living a happy life with your money, not a fancy life with other people’s money.

Because at the end of the day, you will be living a more fancy life. But this time, using your very own money, Trust me there’s nothing sweeter than that.

Pro Tip

If it means working 2 or 3 jobs to get yourself out the debt trap. Please do so


You have most likely come across the saying that goes show me your friends, I’ll tell you your future. If not then there you go. Thank me later.

You need to value yourself before you can even think of others. Wolves don’t hang out with dogs even though they might look like or behave alike in a lot of ways, why? Because though they seem alike, they both have different perspectives and mentality in life, wolves hurt for their meals, dogs wait to be fed.

You get it now? If you’re ready this right now, you want to make it in life, so just why the heck would your friends be the people that don’t give a damn about their own future.

If you really need friends, get the ones that are on ether same mission as you. Find your tribe and love them hard.

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Make life goals together, think business together, partner and build ideas together. GROW TOGETHER. who knows you might find your Mr or Miss Right in the midst of them. As they say be a boss, marry a boss.

So choose your friends wisely. Furthermore you don’t need a lot of friends. I mean where will they sit when you buy your first Lamborghini. The machine Only has two sits.

Pro Tip

If you are lucky enough to get in touch with someone who’s up there where you’d want to be. Make them your mentor. It’ll help you a lot.

I would strongly suggest you Read this book by Remit Sethi if you are really serious about making money.

I’ve read it my self and it has opened my eyes on a lot of things.


After everything is said and done, it all comes back to you. You need believe that this was meant for you, you should encourage yourself every single day.

Go hit the gym several times of the week, eat healthy stay hydrated. The best investment you can ever make in your life is to invest in Yourself.

Learn new language, get educated read more. Take a rest after a long day and get a sleep.

But don’t forget that every time you are sleeping someone somewhere is working. Keep that in mind.

Concluding on How To Become A Millionaire in Kenya:

Don’t let anyone discourage you on whatever you believe in. It’s your life. Live it to the fullest and uplift your purpose. Work hard and smart, all of this will pay off some day. Just don’t give up.

There you have it – How To Become A Millionaire in Kenya

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