A Nurse Toto Main Cast and Characters Real Names

A nurse toto actors

A Nurse Toto youtube series which features very talented and creative actors and actresses in Kenya is among the most watched YouTube series in the country.

Season 1 of A Nurse Toto was very successful leading to the production of Season 2 which is currently on going at the time of this writing.

Who created A Nurse Toto?.

A Nurse Toto was written and directed by the owner of SPM Buzz Eddie Butita.

The story of a nurse toto is based on humor and Kenyan drama played in a hospital going by the name Facility One Hospital.

Facility One Hospital from A Nurse Toto gets guest patients who are actually mostly Kenyan celebrities who suffer from different and funny illnesses to make the series enjoyable and very relatable to kenyan hospitals.

Below are the main actors of a nurse toto and their real names, find out the people who act on nurse toto on YouTube.

A Nurse Toto Actors:

  1. Wambo – AnneStellah Karimi
  2. Doctor – Eddie Butita
  3. Sly – Ciku Muchiri
  4. Maryann – Marya Okoth
  5. Babu – Kevin Omwami
  6. Vee – Fao Shishi
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