Date Ideas During Lock Down (Quarantine)

Date ideas

I don’t know about you but I’d really agree that 2020 has really messed up Romantic things in life.

With the pandemic of Covid-19. Which the whole world is experiencing, it’s really hard to go outside for a romantic dinner at Friday nights. You can almost forget how romantic dates feel like, like seriously. You literally need this list of date ideas during lock down, Quarantine,to help you out on this one.

But hey, you don’t really have to go out or wait for a worldwide pandemic to end to have a great date again. Because life has to move on. The world is still rotating, the sky’s blue, and you, deserve to feel the love that comes with being in a relationship, without anything holding you back.

Continue reading to find and choose the best date night idea that suits you and your spouse.

1: Make Friday Nights A Bit More Extra

It’s time you link up on an extraordinary Friday night. This isn’t going to be the typical Friday nights you guys usually have. This one here, is going be more extreme.

Think of fun things you can do together during the date night, instead of making it typical try something you guys have never done on a date before, remember that date night you sow on a romantic movie, great, put it into practice.

Go extra on this date, own the date, as usual people go on restaurants that they love and the tables are always already made, but this time design your table, do almost everything yourself. But it doesn’t have to be the perfect one. It’s your date, your rules. Have fun.

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2: Cook The Same Food Apart

It’s all about having fun. So you guys fight over who can cook better? Well, this is the perfect opportunity to find out who can actually cook awesome food. Do a small challenge on your favorite food and prepare the same food but apart, different people (love birds) same meal. This actually sounds awesome. Leave a comment if you tried this one.

3: Netflix And Chill

From what I can assume by now is that, You have watched Netflix and your tired of movies right now. But if that ain’t the case, definitely try Netflix. Ask your spouse to chose a series or movie that they like then choose the once that you like, then come up with the best one that you both agree to watch together. The more romantic the movie the better. After dinner jump right into it. You’ll love it. Good luck!

4: Recreate Favorite Memories Together

Remember that day he proposed? That’s if you are married. If not get ready, it’s coming through in no time. Remember that beach holiday? That first kiss? Remember that first day you had sex? (yeah I bet you)

Bring those moments back and give them life by recreating them together. Talk about what you expected on those days and what you didn’t. Talk about what made you feel some type a way and what didn’t. Talk about everything and anything. Conversations are so healthy in a relationship.

5: Learn How To Dance Together

Now we are talking. You can dance? Can’t you? Or rather can one of you dance? Whether the answer is yes or no. This idea still has a chance.

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You can learn new dancing moves together, trending couple dances, which you can easily find on tiktok or YouTube. Salsa dance never gets old. Keep that in mind if you lack moves during the dance.

6: Spa Service Each Other At Home

Make each other feel loved and appreciated with a free spa service at home. Trying new things is good way of having fun. If you have zero ideas on spa services, just check on the internet, and tutorial on YouTube. It never disappoints.

7: Play Games At Night

If you enjoy playing games. Play nights games together just to bond and have a good time together. When everyone is at home there’s not much you can do to have fun on a date. But don’t let that get in your way.

Always find a way of having fun because that little fun you have together is actually all you need. Keep your relationship alive during this period with these date ideas.

Oh by the way, don’t forget the kiss. Or maybe take it to the next level. Love them like you gonna lose them. A lot of people will kill to have what you guys have. Always remember that.

Other Ideas on Date Ideas During Lock Down (Quarantine)

Make art or paintings together

Recreate dinner from your favorite restaurant

Clean your house

Home Date Night Ideas If You Are Not Together Physically

If you happen to be in a long distance relationship consider the following dates ideas. Alternatively, you might not be in a long distance relationship but you happen not be with the love of your life, physically due to certain circumstances. These dates ideas will work as well.

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Have a virtual movie night together

Live stream a concert, show or an event together

Read to each other through face time or calls

Have a virtual coffee or cocktail together


Chart for hours

Group chat on Whatsapp or Instagram (with your friends included)

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