Top 20 Best Restaurants For A Date In Nairobi (date night/day) 2023

Best Restaurants in Nairobi for dates

Looking for Nairobi’s best restaurants to take your date and be rest assured that you will have an amazing date night or date during the day?. Then you landed on the right article.

Going on a date, especially the first date can be stressful. If you asked a girl out and she accepted your offer, you are probably thinking of where to take her.

One thing is for sure, a restaurant is always a good option.

In Nairobi today, there are almost uncountable restaurants that claim to be the best in dates and promise you a good time with unlimited offers on drinks and food.

But, if you think about it, that’s not all that matters if you are looking forward to having a romantic, sweet and unforgettable date in a restaurant in Kenya.

There’s definitely more to a date than cheap or affordable restaurant meals or good lighting/interior of a restaurant during the night.

That’s why we have come up with the best top restaurants in Nairobi today that offer a great experience for dates, whether you are new couples, married, young lovers, meeting for the first time, first date, you name it.

For as long as it’s a romantic date that is important to you, then these are the top 20 Most recommended restaurants confirmed by Kenyan Magazine to be the best for lovers day out.

Before taking a look at the best restaurants for a date in Nairobi, Kenya.

Here are a couple of things we think will be helpful to you before going on your date in any of these restaurants below.

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Tips To Escape A Bad Date At The Restaurant In Nairobi:

  • Don’t talk and eat at the same time
  • Only eat familiar food
  • Be polite to the waiters
  • Make sure you insist on paying
  • Find a cozy spot in the restaurant
  • Make sure you made a booking to your preferred restaurant (never be a walk in guest in a restaurant on a date)
  • Carefully choose a restaurant that suits your needs (eg: location, taxi availability, price range etc)

With that being said, below is the list of the top 20 best restaurants to go for a date in Nairobi.

Ranked in no particular order, when it comes to dates, make sure you have some extra cash and go have a fabulous date in any of the following restaurants below located in Nairobi.

Best Restaurants In Nairobi For Romantic Dates:

  1. Mawimbi Seafood Restaurant
  2. Tamambo Karen Blixen
  3. Harvest Restaurant
  4. Jiko Restaurants
  5. Hero Restaurant
  6. Tamarind Restaurant
  7. The Lord Erroll
  8. The Talisman Restaurant
  9. INTI – A Nikkei Experience
  10. About Thyme
  11. Tatu Restaurant
  12. Chophouse
  13. Mercado – Mexican Kitchen & Bar
  14. Sikia Fine Dining Restaurant
  15. La Terrazza Italian Restaurant, Lounge & Art Gallery
  16. Thai Chi Restaurant – The Stanley Hotel
  17. Pango Brasserie
  18. Seven Seafood & Grill
  19. 45 Degrees Kitchen
  20. The View
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