Highest CPM Niches On YouTube (Top List) 2022

Highest CPM Niches on YouTube

What are the highest CPM niches on YouTube this year?.

Here is the list of all the highest and best paying CPM niches to use on YouTube to make more money per thousands views from your YouTube videos.

As a YouTuber, you probably know that the higher your Cost Per Mille the higher your Adsense earnings.

CPM which is Cost Per Thousand Views is what determines the amount of money you will make on your channel.

The lower the CPM of a YouTube channel (video) the lower the earnings that video will make on YouTube, this means that if you want to make millions on YouTube, you will definitely need to know some of the world’s highest YouTube CPM keywords.

The secret of making money from YouTube is on high paying niches and high CPM Keywords.

Some YouTubers can be getting millions of views per video but generate a few dollars from their videos which they have put in time, effort and creativity to create.

While on the other hand, there are some smart YouTubers who use the highest CPM niches to make videos on and even by getting a few thousand views on their YouTube videos, they make unbelievable amount of money from their YouTube Channel.

So if you are thinking of making money on YouTube, here are the best and highest paying CPM Niches on YouTube this year that will definitely increase your YouTube earnings in every video.

These are the topics that if you make videos about, your videos will make a good amount of money per thousand impressions or views.

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So, what are the highest paying niches on YouTube today?.

Currently, e-commerce, stock trading, web hosting, SEO, online marketing, real estate, loans and insurance are the highest paying CPM niches on YouTube.

In this article, with the help of well-established YouTubers who are currently earning a living from YouTube, we have provided an exclusive list of the top highest CPM niches on YouTube as of this year.

Below are the top paying YouTube CPM topics to be used by YouTube content creators and YouTubers.

Highest CPM Niches on YouTube:

Video topics ideas that have the highest paying Cost Per Thousand Views are as follows;

1. eCommerce

This year on YouTube, videos that cover economic topics make more money on Adsene, which makes it a YouTube niche with the highest CPM earnings this year.

2. Real Estate

Real Estate is one of the most profitable niche on YouTube today, it has a very high CPM value especially on long YouTube videos.

3. Insurance

Insurance is not only a very competitive niche on the most visited video website in the world, but it is among the best paying YouTube niches that can easily make you a lot of money from a single video.

4. Real Estate

YouTube videos that target the Real Estate industry make more money on YouTube despite the number of views these videos get, which means if these kind of videos generate millions of views, you wouldn’t believe the amount of money the owners of the videos make.

5. Website Hosting

Another high CPM niche on YouTube this year is Web Hosting and its related topics.

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6. Stock Exchange

Stock Exchange and Stock Markets are among the best paying CPM niches and topics on YouTube, longer videos tend to do so well on this niche.

7. Mortgage

Mortgage related videos will definitely generate more YouTube Adsene Revenue compared to other topics on YouTube.

8. Loans

YouTube channels dedicated to loans and its related topics make unbelievable amount of money per month.

9. Technology Video

Tech videos do so well on YouTube when it comes to the amount of money they make for every one thousand views they get.

10. Health and Fitness

Health and Fitness niches are among the highest paying Adsene CPM Niches.

11. Lawyer

Lawyer and Attorney videos on YouTube are among the highest earning videos this year, which means that this topic is a very profitable YouTube niche.

12. Relationship/Dating/Relationship Advice/Love Topics

Love is universal and every single human in the world knows it, at one point in someone’s life they will search for these kind of videos on YouTube and the CPM earnings of these kind of videos will always be high.

13. Credit

Credit is also a high paying niche on YouTube.

14. Software

Another YouTube niche that has a very high YouTube CPM is a video related to Software.

15. Trading

Trading is growing year after year and the earnings are not going down anytime soon.

19. Marketing

Marketing related videos not only do well on YouTube but also earn a a lot of money on the platform.

20. Makeup

Make up and beauty related topics are also one of the best topics to cover on YouTube for high CPM in your videos.

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Other high CPM Niches or Topics to cover on YouTube are; Make Money, Email Marketing, Reviews, Electronics Topics, Adsense, Engineering, Side hustle and How to make money on YouTube topics.

This year, those are the top 20 Highest-paying CPM Niches on YouTube.

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