Top 5 Best Kikuyu TV Stations In Kenya and Their Popular Shows

Kikuyu TV stations in Kenya

What’s the best TV station in Kenya that broadcasts in Kikuyu language today?.

Find out today the top kikuyu Television stations to watch and enjoy the Vernacular TV stations.

Mainstream media in Kenya know how much different languages in Kenya are taking over the new wave of digital media.

Kikuyu is among the most popular tribe in Kenya and they are top highest in population in the country in different Counties.

This has led to vernacular TV stations in the country to grow significantly especially the Kikuyu speaking stations.

Kameme TV, Inooro TV and Njata TV are currently the leading Kikuyu TV stations in Kenya respectively.

Including each station’s popular shows for you to watch, here are some of the best channels in Kenya broadcasting in the Gikuyu language.

Gikuyu Television Channels In Kenya:

1. Kameme TV

Popular shows;

  • Ririmbuka
  • Ime Ria Ruciini
  • Rikiratha
  • Ngano Cia Cucu

2. Inooro TV

Popular shows;

  • Inooro Ruciini
  • Kimuri
  • Centro Sinema
  • Mwigangaro
  • Ndagitari

3. Njata TV

Popular shows;

  • The Elevation Show
  • Urigitani Mukaru
  • Nitukene na Ciana
  • Ugi Umenyo

4. Gikuyu TV

Popular shows;

  • Gikuyu Rucini
  • Gukengakenga
  • Iria Ria Kiroho
  • Mohoro ma Gikuyu Miaraho

5. Jambu TV

Popular shows;

  • Kigooco
  • Thii ya Maroho
  • Turerane
  • Uka Tucire

Other Kikuyu TV Channels

  1. Stones TV
  2. Githima TV
  3. Fuma TV Ni Kirathimo
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