Top 10 African Countries With The Largest Gold Reserves in 2023

Countries With The Largest gold reserves in Africa

Which country in Africa has the largest gold reserves as of this year?.

In Africa, most countries on this top ten list are on their full power on the race to become the top in the continent.

African countries have taken significant steps to strengthen their gold reserves and positioning themselves favourably amidst global economic uncertainty.

Currently, Algeria is the African country with the largest gold holding, at 174 metric tons.

Algeria is closely followed by South Africa, with official gold reserves reaching 125 metric tons.

With that being said, below are the top 10 Countries in Africa with the largest gold reserves today.

Countries With The Largest Gold Reserves In Africa:

1. Algeria

Holding an impressive 174 metric tons of gold, Algeria stands strong as the leading African nation in gold reserves.

2. South Africa

Following closely behind, South Africa maintains a substantial gold reserve of 125 metric tons.

3. Libya

With a commendable gold holding of 117 metric tons, Libya secures the third spot on the list.

4. Egypt

Holding 80.73 metric tons, Egypt consolidates its position as one of the key players in the African gold market.

5. Morocco

Boasting 22.12 metric tons of gold, Morocco solidifies its status as a noteworthy contender in the African gold scene.

6. Nigeria

With a respectable gold reserve of 21.37 metric tons, Nigeria demonstrates its growing interest in the precious metal.

7. Mauritius

Holding 12.44 metric tons of gold, Mauritius makes its mark as a nation with a strategic focus on diversifying its reserves.

8. Ghana

With 8.74 metric tons of gold, Ghana maintains a significant position in Africa’s gold landscape.

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9. Tunisia

Holding 6.84 metric tons, Tunisia showcases its presence as a country keen on harnessing the value of gold.

10. Mozambique

Securing the tenth spot, Mozambique holds 3.94 metric tons of gold, contributing to the continent’s overall gold reserves.

These are the top 10 Countries in the continent of Africa with the largest gold reserves according to Business Insider.

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