Top 20 Most Non-Religious Countries In The World 2022

Non religious countries in the world

What’s the least religious country in the world?.

Here are the world’s most least religious countries today ranked by percentage.

Non-religious people/countries  may be atheists, which means that they don’t see any reason to believe there is a god.

They can also be agnostic, meaning they accept that we can’t know for certain whether or not a god exists. As a matter of fact, many countries are both agnostic and atheist at the same time.

Some non-religious countries may even believe in a god or gods, while wishing not to follow any religion whatsoever.

Other non-religious people in different countries can be thought of as ‘spiritual but not religious (SBNR)’.

If a person is SBNR, this means that they believe that there is more to being human than a physical life.

In this article, we have ranked down the countries with these kind of people (non-religious citizens).

Here are top 20 countries from different parts of the world that don’t believe in God.

Most Least Religious Countries:

  1. China 🇨🇳
  2. North Korea 
  3. Estonia 🇪🇪
  4. Japan 🇯🇵
  5. South Korea 
  6. Uruguay 🇺🇾
  7. Netherlands 🇳🇱
  8. Latvia 🇱🇻  
  9. Czech Republic

Here are the top countries that have the highest number of non-believers.

Least Religious Countries (by total non-believers):

According to Pew Research, these countries have the most non believers in the world.

  1. China 🇨🇳 – 700,000,000 + (non-believers)
  2. Japan 🇯🇵 – 70,900,000 + (non-believers)
  3. United States 🇺🇸  – 60,500,000 + (non-believers)
  4. Vietnam 🇻🇳  – 25,000,000 + (non-believers)
  5. South Korea – 22,000,000 + (non-believers)
  6. Russia 🇷🇺  – 21,000,000 + (non-believers)
  7. Germany 🇩🇪  – 21,000,000 + (non-believers)
  8. France 🇫🇷  – 20,000,000 + (non-believers)
  9. United Kingdom 🇬🇧  – 20,000,000 + (non-believers)
  10. North Korea – 18,000,000 + (non-believers)
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