Largest Avocado Producing Countries in Africa: See the list ranking Kenya leading

Avocado production in Africa by Country

Kenya has been steadily climbing the ranks as a major player in the global avocado industry.

As of recent reports, Kenya leads the African continent in avocado production with an output of approximately 417,000 metric tonnes annually.

This places Kenya among the top 15 avocado-producing countries worldwide

The country’s avocado sector is characterized by a mix of small-scale and large-scale farming operations. Small-scale farmers account for about 70% of the production, primarily growing avocados for domestic consumption and local markets, though a significant portion is also exported.

The North Rift and South Rift regions are becoming notable for their increasing shift from traditional crops like maize and wheat to avocados, driven by the lucrative returns from the fruit.

Kenya’s avocado production is poised for further growth. The country has recently secured a critical export market in India and plans to double its avocado production within the next five years.

This expansion includes increasing the farming land from 26,000 hectares to over 50,000 hectares.

As the avocado market grows, there is a strong focus on sustainability. Water usage remains a critical concern, prompting many farmers to adopt advanced irrigation systems to enhance water efficiency and preserve natural resources.

Largest Avocado Producer Countries in Africa

  1. Kenya – Leading the continent with 417,000 metric tonnes.
  2. Ethiopia – Following with 152,000 metric tonnes.
  3. South Africa – Known for its significant contributions, though specific figures vary.
  4. Tanzania – Another major player in the African avocado market.
  5. Rwanda – Emerging as a notable producer with increasing production.

Kenya’s commitment to expanding its avocado production, coupled with sustainable farming practices, positions it as a key contributor to the global avocado supply chain.

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