African Countries with the Most Expensive Diesel Prices (List)

Diesel Prices in Africa

Fuel prices in Africa vary significantly due to taxes, levies, and subsidies, despite accessing petroleum products at the same international market prices.

Here, we examine the African countries with the highest diesel prices and provide insights into their fuel costs.

Countries with the Highest Diesel Prices in Kenyan Shillings:

  1. Zimbabwe: KSh 292.81
  2. Malawi: KSh 292.18
  3. Zambia: KSh 254.72
  4. Madagascar: KSh 241.26
  5. Seychelles: KSh 237.25
  6. Sierra Leone: KSh 196.11
  7. Mauritius: KSh 193.86
  8. Rwanda: KSh 178.76
  9. Burundi: KSh 175.53
  10. Cameroon: KSh 174.71

Kenya ranks 11th with a diesel price of KSh 171.86, while other notable entries include South Africa at KSh 168.79 and Namibia at KSh 159.11.

Fuel Prices in Kenya

In Kenya, the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) announced that the prices for super petrol, diesel, and kerosene are KSh 189.84, KSh 173.10, and KSh 163.05 respectively, inclusive of the 16% VAT per the Finance Act 2023.


The variations in diesel and petrol prices across African countries highlight the impact of local economic policies on fuel costs.

Countries with higher prices often have substantial taxes and levies, whereas those with lower prices might offer subsidies.

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