Sisi Kwa Sisi By Eric Omondi Raising Millions From Kenyans To Help Kenyans

Sisi Kwa Sisi By Eric Omondi

Eric Omondi movement #SisiKwaSisi has helped many poor people in the country especially financially on situations such has medical bills, school fees, rent etc.

Kenyan Comedian Eric Omondi has spoken about his move of helping the vulnerable through his ‘Sisi kwa Sisi’ campaign which he runs on his social media mostly his Instagram page @ericomondi.

Speaking to The Star, Eric Omondi said the campaign was inspired by the current situation in the country.

“People are suffering, not able to pay rent and school fees. I therefore saw that the only way we can help each other is by coming together,” he said

Sisi Kwa Sisi has been able to successfully get many Kenyans out of problems and prove that Kenyans can come together to help each other.

How the sisi kwa sisi movement works, basically, Eric Omondi finds a very vulnerable Kenyan who truly needs help according to their situation. (sometimes, people tag Eric Omondi on this kind of situations to get his attention on certain issues).

The comedian brings the matter in front of the millions of Kenyans who follow him on social media and sets up a plan to get help for the victims.

Through M-pesa, thousands of Kenyans send in their contributions to the number provided.

Eric says you can send in whatever you wish, and sometimes screenshot of the money received via M-PESA is posted on Eric Omondi’s Instagram feed/stories to show the momentum of the money being received at the moment.

This movement has done more than many people elected in the government that are supposed to be helping people on the ground.

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