List Of Most Crowded Courses In Kenya In 2024

Crowded Courses in Kenya

Are you thinking of pursuing a course in a Kenyan institution?.

Well before you choose the course you want to dedicate your campus life into, you are way better off knowing which courses in Kenya are crowded with students.

In real life, when millions of students graduate and all of them looking for a job on the same field, the bitter truth is, there will be no jobs for all the graduates.

Which means that a very high percentage of the graduates will remain jobless even after successfully completing their studies and graduating.

To avoid such problems, you should at least consider studying a course that has less students, thus less graduates, thus more job vacancies availability.

In this article, we have listed down the top most crowded courses to study in Kenya.

Here at Kenyan Magazine, we know that people should chase their dreams no matter what, which means, you can still study the course that you want and chase your career dreams, whether the course is flooded with students or not.

With that being said, below is the list of most crowded courses in Kenyan Universities and Colleges.

With no particular order, here is the list of courses with the highest number of students currently enrolled in Kenya in different campuses.

List Of Most Crowded Courses In Kenya:

  1. Catering and Accommodation
  2. Diploma in Business Administration
  3. Journalism and Mass Communication
  4. Bachelor’s Degree in Education
  5. Actuarial Science
  6. Bachelor of Arts
  7. Animal health.
  8. Agricultural economics
  9. Bachelor of Science in Food, Nutrition, and Dietetics
  10. Business
  11. Diploma in Community health
  12. Environmental health
  13. Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
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Do you know any other course that is crowded and we have not included it on the list?.

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