Top 100 Best Paying Jobs In Kenya and Their Salaries 2023

Top Jobs in Kenya

What are the best paying jobs in Kenya today?.

Here is the list of Kenya’s highest paying careers with respect to their monthly salary.

Some jobs in Kenya can make you peanuts per month and their other certain jobs in the country that have the potential of making you a multimillionaire in just a couple of years if not months, of work.

The monthly salary and other benefits such as allowances are the most important factor to consider when applying or looking for a job.

You want to work at a job that pays you enough to take care of yourself, your family and loved ones, save, invest and enjoy your money too.

In this article, we have listed down the top 100 highest paying jobs in Kenya this year and their average salaries.

With that, below are job titles in Kenya and their estimated monthly salary income, ranked.

Top Paying Jobs In Kenya And Their Monthly Salaries:

Business Owner – Ksh. Unlimited

Company/Corporate Director – Ksh.2,000,000

Director of Accreditation – Ksh.1,300,000

Enterprise Architecture Manager – Ksh.1,000,000

Key Account Manager – Ksh.900,000

Actuary – Ksh.870,000

Regional Director – Ksh.810,000

Bank Loan Processor – Ksh.730,000

Director – Ksh.699,000

Telecommunication Senior Consultant – Ksh.650,000

Financial Director for Accounting or Finance – Ksh.600,000

Executive Director – Ksh.580,000

Chief Financial Officer – Ksh.550,000

Compensation and Benefits Manager – Ksh.530,000

Senior Project Manager – Ksh.520,000

Senior Lecturer – Ksh.510,000

Construction Engineer – Ksh.500,000

Account Manager – Ksh.500,000

County Managers –  Ksh.460,000

Environmental and Agricultural Scientists –  Ksh.440,000

Program Manager – Ksh.430,000

Telecommunications Manager  – Ksh.420,000

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Health Regional Director of Operations –  Ksh.418,000

National Sales Manager –  Ksh.415,000

Chief Executive Officer –  Ksh.410,000

Finance Senior Associate –  Ksh.405,000

Managing Director –  Ksh.400,000

Pilot – Ksh.400,000

Company, Product or Brand Manager – Ksh.399,000

Banking Operations Department Manager – Ksh.396,000

Electrical Engineering Manager –  Ksh.385,000

Business Process Consultant –     Ksh.360,000

Warehouse Manager –  Ksh.350,000

Assistant Director –  Ksh.349,900

General Manager –  Ksh.348,000

Development Manager – Ksh.340,000.

Market Development Manager –  Ksh.339,000

Regional Sales Manager –   Ksh.335,600

Private Banker – Ksh.333,000

Network Specialist on information and technology –  Ksh.330,000

Regional Manager – Ksh.328,000

Chief Operating Officer –   Ksh.322,900

Customer Experience Manager –     Ksh.322,000

Deputy General Manager – Ksh.320,000

Technical Consultant – Ksh.310,000

Operations Manager – Ksh.307,000

Project Manager – Ksh.302,000

Financial Manager –  Ksh.299,000

Senior Marketing Consultant –   Ksh.296,000

Product Marketing Manager –  Ksh.293,000

Accounting Manager – Ksh.286,000

Public Relations Manager – Ksh.270,000

Auditing Manager –  Ksh.259,000

Systems Architect –  Ksh.256,000

Project Engineer –   Ksh.255,990

Business Development Manager –  Ksh.255,800

Account Manager –  Ksh.255,400

Electrical Engineering Manager –  Ksh.253,000

Tax Manager – Ksh.250,000

Technical Manager –   Ksh.250,000

Senior Insurance Underwriter – Ksh.250,000

Director of Communications – Ksh.250,000

Fundraiser –  Ksh.250,000

Branch Manager – Ksh.248,200

Controller –  Ksh.240,000

Area Manager –  Ksh.235,000

Market Research Manager –  Ksh.234,000

Voice Communications Manager –  Ksh.229,000

Advertising Sales Director –  Ksh.225,890

Accounts Payable Manager –  Ksh.225,000

Manufacturing Manager –  Ksh.222,000

Production Manager –  Ksh.220,000

Marketing Manager –  Ksh.218,000

Security Manager – Ksh.215,000

Enterprise Infrastructure Manager –    213,000

IT Manager –  Ksh.213,000

Branch Manager – Ksh.212,700

Hotel Manager – Ksh.212,500

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Engineer –  Ksh.212,000

Director of Application Development –  Ksh.209,300

Legal Services Manager –  Ksh.207,500

Logistics Manager –  Ksh.206,000

Software Engineer – Ksh.205,600

Sales Manager – Ksh.205,000

Warehouse Supervisor –  Ksh.201,900

Maintenance Manager –  Ksh.201,000

Surgeon – Ksh.200,000

Assistant Operations Manager –  Ksh.200,000

Consultant –  Ksh.200,000

Loan Branch Manager –  Ksh.200,000

Claims Manager –  Ksh.200,000

Drier Offsider –  Ksh.200,000

Loan Business Development Officer – Ksh.199,990

Quantity Surveyors – Ksh.199,700

Quality Assurance Manager – Ksh.199,000

Information & Technology Project Manager –  Ksh.198,500

1st Project Manager –  Ksh.194,000

Project Manager –  Ksh.192,000

Project Control Manager –  Ksh.189,000

Pediatrician – Ksh.172,000

Financial Analyst – Ksh.157,000

With respect to their salaries, these are all the top best paying job titles in Kenya, ranked from the highest paying Kenyan job going downwards.

As indicated, no one working at these kind of careers (job) pockets less that Ksh. 150,000 every single month.

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