Top 20 Smallest Counties In Kenya and Their Land Size 2024

Smallest Counties in Kenya

What’s the smallest county in Kenya today?.

Here are the top 20 kenya’s smallest counties ranked from the smallest county in Kenya to the 20th smallest county in Kenya.

In this article, we have ranked down the top smallest counties in the country of Kenya, with respect to each county’s size per kilometers square.

In total, Kenya currently has 47 well known counties, and today, these are the smallest counties in Kenya out of all the 47 counties in the country, the list below has the smallest of them all by land size.

Smallest Counties In Kenya:

  1. Mombasa County

Mombasa County is the smallest county in Kenya today.

Land Size: 212.5 square kilometers

  1. Vihiga County

In Kenya, the second smallest county is none other than Vihiga County.

Land Size: 531.3 square kilometers

  1. Nairobi County

Nairobi County, which is the capital city of Kenya is at the third place when it comes to the smallest counties in Kenya.

Nairobi County is also the richest county in Kenya.

Land Size: 694.9 square kilometers

  1. Nyamira County

Nyamira County is at the 4th place in the list of the smallest counties in Kenya today.

Land Size: 912.5 square kilometers

  1. Kirinyaga County

Kirinyaga County is Kenya’s 5th smallest county in the country.

Land Size: 1,205.4 square kilometers

  1. Kisii County

The county of Kisii is the sixth smallest county in Kenya.

Land Size: 1,317.9 square kilometers

  1. Busia County

Popular county, Busia is one of the smallest counties in Kenya and currently the 7th smallest county in Kenya.

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Land Size: 1,628.4 square kilometers

  1. Bomet County

Bomet County is Kenya’s eighth smallest county.

Land Size: 1,997.9 square kilometers

  1. Kisumu County

Kisumu County which is one of the most popular counties in Kenya is at the 9th place in the list of the smallest counties in Kenya.

Land Size: 2,009.5 square kilometers

  1. Murang’a County

The 10th smallest Kenyan County is none other than Murang’a County.

Land Size: 2,325.8 square kilometers

  1. Nyeri County

Land Size: 2,361.0 square kilometers

  1. Tharaka Nithi County

Land Size: 2,409.5 square kilometers

  1. Kiambu County

Land Size: 2, 449.2 square kilometers

  1. Trans Nzola

Land Size: 2,469.9 square kilometers

  1. Embu County

Land Size: 2,555.9 square kilometers

  1. Nandi County

Land Size: 2,884.5 square kilometers

  1. Uasin Gishu

Land Size: 2,955.3 square kilometers

  1. Bungoma County

Land Size: 3,033.8 square kilometers

  1. Elgeyo Marakwet County

Land Size: 3,049.7 square kilometers

  1. Nyandarau County

Land Size: 3, 107.7 square kilometers

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