Licensed Sisal Fiber Exporters in Kenya (Updated List)

Sisal Fiber Exporters Kenya

Kenya is a global leader in sisal production, contributing significantly to the economy and the livelihoods of many farmers.

Sisal’s robustness and versatility make it an essential crop, and the marketing agents licensed by the Kenya Sisal Board ensure its quality and export efficiency.

These agents bridge local producers with international markets, fostering growth and sustainability in the industry.

Here’s a look at some of the licensed sisal marketing agents in Kenya.

Licensed Sisal Marketing Agents in Kenya

Tuzera International Limited

Tuzera International Limited is known for its commitment to quality and market expansion. They can be contacted at 0725-635-044 for business inquiries and further information on their services.

Agro Fibre Company

Agro Fibre Company is a key player in the sisal market, recognized for its efficiency and reliability. Reach them at 0732-236314 or via [email protected] for more details.

Teita Estate Limited

Teita Estate Limited boasts a solid reputation for providing excellent marketing services. Contact them at 020-6551606/7 or via email at [email protected] to learn more about their offerings.

Al Naqel Holding Limited

Al Naqel Holding Limited offers dependable marketing services for sisal producers. They are reachable at 0728-00896 or 0722-751261, ensuring strong links between local growers and global markets.

Kichaka Best Limited

Kichaka Best Limited is notable for exporting premium sisal fibers. Contact them at 0722-329-365 or [email protected] to engage with their services.

Migotiyo Plantations

Migotiyo Plantations provides comprehensive services to ensure sisal products reach international markets. They are available at 0731-636193 or 0722-202475 for more information.

Tawi Fibre Limited

Tawi Fibre Limited is renowned in the industry for its dedication to quality and service. Contact them at 0722-514186 or [email protected] for business engagements.

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The African Mirage Training & Management Consultants Limited

Offering a blend of marketing and consultancy services, The African Mirage Training & Management Consultants Limited is valuable to the sisal industry. They can be reached at 0726-764-229 or 0708-004-952.

WigglesWorth Exporters Limited

Specializing in high-quality sisal fiber export, WigglesWorth Exporters Limited is a significant industry player. They can be contacted at 041-2225244 or [email protected].

Agava Supplies Limited

Dedicated to providing top-notch marketing services for sisal exporters, Agava Supplies Limited can be contacted at 0722-412-879 for further information.

The Don’s Fibre Limited

The Don’s Fibre Limited is well-regarded for its professional approach and extensive market reach. They are reachable at 020-2713334 or 0722-368855 and via [email protected].


Kenya’s licensed sisal marketing agents are integral to the success and sustainability of the country’s sisal industry.

These agents ensure that high-quality Kenyan sisal reaches international markets efficiently, supporting local producers and contributing to the national economy.

By working with these agents, sisal growers can secure better market prices and expand their reach, ensuring the continued growth of this vital sector.

Whether you’re a producer looking to expand your market or a buyer seeking quality sisal, these agents provide the necessary support and expertise to facilitate successful transactions.

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