Top 40+ Best Courier Services Companies In Kenya 2023

Courier Services Companies in Kenya

Looking for the best and most reliable courier services companies in Kenya today? Here is a list of the 43 BEST Courier Services Companies in Kenya today.

Business is always booming in Kenya nowadays from local businesses and international businesses operating in Kenya, and all these would definitely not be the case if Kenya didn’t have a flexible and reliable courier services companies available in the country.

That’s why we have come up with the best courier service companies list to help you choose your most affordable and preferred courier services company and keep everything moving.

What do courier services companies do?

Basically Courier Services Companies are involved in the process of delivering sold out goods/items to buyers in very far places/locations or rural areas in the country.

These companies make the process of buying-and-selling goods very easy.

Remember that time you ordered an item online maybe from Jumia Kenya and got it delivered at your doorstep? Right. That’s how the courier service companies work. They move and transport items to customers all over the country.

Now that you have an idea of what a courier service company is, let’s have a look at Kenya’s best courier services companies in the country this year.

Below is the list of the 43 best courier services firms in Kenya today.

These are trusted courier services companies in Kenya, they also consist of Government companies and Privately owned companies.

Best Courier Services Companies In Kenya;

1: G4S Courier Services

2: NTL Parcel Services 

3: Speedball Courier Services Ltd

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4: Timeless Courier Services Kenya Limited

5: Roy Parcel Services 

6: Securicor Kenya Limited

7: EMS Kenya Courier Services

8: Fargo Courier Limited

9: Masterpiece Courier Service 

10: Shujaa Delivery

11: Parcel Services 

12: Provincial Parcel Carriers Kenya Ltd

13: Mambo Express Courier

14: Petty Errands 

15: Coronet Cargo Limited

16: Grafa International Limited

17: Aramex Service Center

18: Haraka Delivery Services

19: Halcon Express

20: Wellborn Errands & Courier Services

21: TNT Express Worldwide (K) Ltd

22: Wells/ Fargo Courier Mombasa

23: Posta Kenya

24: Deliveroo Courier Service Ltd

25: Mololine Parcel Services

26: DHL Express Yaya Center

27: DHL House

28: DHL Office Karen –  Tana House

29: African Location

30: Courierplus Kenya

31: Postal Corporation of Kenya

32: Fargo Courier Kisumu

33: Global Express

34: Leonary Fast Delivery

35: Quick Logistics

36: Posterscope East Africa

37: East Africa Courier Ltd

38: One World Courier Service Aramex Kenya

39: Kezma Delivery Services

40: Fargo Courier Maua

41: Al-Micdad Parcel Services

42: Kerut Ltd Fedex Express

43: Certis Co. Kenya

Courier Service companies in Kenya are a huge help in businesses especially when it comes to transportation of bought items by customers who are located in far areas of the country.

The above list of the 43 BEST Courier Services Companies in Kenya will be updated frequently to ensure a better result for business owners and Kenyans looking for courier companies in the country.

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