List of Licensed L.P.G Cooking Gas Companies In Kenya 2023

Cooking Gas (Cylinder) Brands in Kenya

Here is the list of the best accredited L.P.G Gas suppliers companies in Kenya today.

In Kenya, the use of gas cylinder in the country is rapidly increasing with more and more Kenyans relying on LPG Gas for cooking and another household chores.

If you are a Gas user in Kenya, you will at one point need it refilled or maybe buy a brand new one.

To make sure you are dealing with the most reliable and legitimate Gas supplier in the country.

In this article, we have listed the best accredited L.P.G gas suppliers in Kenya that you can trust.

Below are the gas companies in Kenya that offer legal gas to all their clients and they are recognized by the respective departments in the country.

Cooking Gas companies and registered Gas Cylinder brands in Kenya are as follows.

Cooking Gas Companies In Kenya:

  1. Pro Gas
  2. K – Gas
  3. Afrigas
  4. Total Gas
  5. OilCom
  6. Tosha Gas
  7. Supagas
  8. Mpishi Gas
  9. Gulf Petrochem
  10. G – Gas
  11. Jamii Gas
  12. Hashi Gas
  13. Salama Gas
  14. Seagas
  15. Taifa Gas

Those are some of the best Gas (cooking gas cylinder) Brands in Kenya.

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