Richest Churches In Kenya (2023 Top List)

Richest Churches In Kenya

What’s the richest church in Kenya?.

Here is the list of all the top wealthiest churches in Kenya today.

Kenya has a number of churches that get hundreds if not thousands of worshipers in their premises every Sunday.

In Kenya as of this year, there are over 4,000 registered churches which are currently operating in Kenya.

Kenyan churches have branches that are distributed all over the country in major cities and counties in Kenya.

Most of the wealthiest churches in Kenya have big church buildings and a lot of church branches.

Currently, the church with the biggest building in Kenya is the Nairobi Cathedral, located in Nairobi.

The biggest Catholic Church in Kenya is the Cathedral Basilica of the Holy Family, Nairobi.

Leading the park as the Richest Church in Kenya is CITAM. The Christ Is The Answer Ministries (CITAM) is currently the wealthiest church in Kenya.

With that being said, below is the list of the top wealthiest Kenyan churches this year.

From the wealthiest church going down, here is the rank of the top richest churches in Kenya.

Richest Churches In Kenya:

1. Christ Is The Answer Ministries (CITAM)

CITAM is the wealthiest church in Kenya today, the ministry owns radio stations and has huge buildings that can occupy a large number of people all at once.

2. Nairobi Chapel

The 2nd richest church in Kenya is the Nairobi Chapel. The church is among the largest church in the country with amazing architectural designs.

3. All Saints Cathedral

The All Saints Cathedral Church is the third wealthiest church in the country. The catholic church receives a large number of visitors every Sunday.

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4. Mavuno Church

Holding the fourth position as the richest church in Kenya is non other than the Mavuno Church.

5. Nairobi Baptist Church

In Kenya, the 5th wealthiest church is currently the Nairobi Baptist Church.

6. Jubilee Christian Church of Kenya (JCC)

JCC Ministries is the sixth richest Kenyan church as of this year.

7. Winners Chapel Church

The seventh wealthiest church in Kenya today is the Winners Chapel Church, Kenya.

8. Jesus Is Alive Ministries

The Jesus Is Alive Ministry is currently Kenya’s eighth wealthiest church.

9. Nairobi Pentecostal Church of Kenya (NPC)

NPC holds the ninth place as the richest church in Kenya this year.

10. Faith Evangelistic Ministry

Faith Evangelist Ministry is the 10th richest church in Kenya, the church is among the best churches in the country.

Those are top 10 wealthiest churches in Kenya today, and they are also among the most popular churches in country.

To keep this list up-to-date, we will keep updating the rank of the churches to make sure that you consume the latest content.

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