Top 10 Richest Churches In The World 2023 Ranked by Net Worth

Top 10 Richest Churches in the World 2021/2022 Ranked by Net Worth

Have you ever wondered how many churches are there in the entire world? Better yet, have you ever wondered which are the richest churches EVER in the world?

Well, today we are going to take a look at the world’s wealthiest churches.

In the entire world.

These are the RICHEST Churches in the world with respect to their net worth and general values.

For many Christians, a church is where they all meet to worship and serve the living God, but some of these churches are extremely rich and if you ever wanted to know about the richest churches in the world. Then you are in the right place.

Here are church organizations that are worth billions of dollars this year.

Below is the list of the richest churches in the world in 2022.

Richest Churches in the World:

1: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter – Day Saints

The church of Jesus Christ of latter, day saints also known as the Mormon Church or LDS Church is considered the richest church in the world with an outstanding net worth of over $71 billion united states dallas. (and growing)

The church is located in the heart of the United States of America.

The church receives thousands of visitors from all over the world not only on it’s normal service day like Sundays but literally every single day of the week.

2: Catholic Church Vatican

Catholic Church Vatican has an amazing interior design.

The church is popularly known as Rome.

The Catholic Church Vatican is where the current Pope stays. It is the center of all the catholic churches in the world.

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The Catholic Church Vatican has an estimated net worth of $33 billion dollars.

3: Catholic Church Germany

The catholic church German is a Roman church of Germany.

The church is considered the third most valued church in the world according to its net worth which is a whipping $27 billion dollar, and growing.

4: Catholic Church Australia

The catholic church Australia is number 4 on this list of the richest churches in the world this year.

The church is a catholic theme church and it has an estimate of about $24 billion dollars in terms of its general net worth.

5: Church of England

The church of England which is commonly known as the Anglican Church, has been recognized by the whole world and is always growing huge as years go by.

As from the name, church of England, you can tell that the church is an England based church even though it has thousands of branches worldwide.

The church of England has its headquarters in the UK. (United Kingdom)

The church is estimated to have a net worth of around $10 billion dollars as of this year.

6: Opus Dei

Located in Italy, the Opus Dei is among the richest churches in the world of all times.

The Opus Dei has an established net worth of $3.7 billion dollars this year.

7: Church of Scientology

Church of Scientology is also among the richest churches in the world today.

The church has it’s official headquarters in the United States of America.

Church of Scientology is said to have a whipping general net worth of $3 billion dollars.

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8: Episcopalian Church

The New York based church, Episcopalian Church was separated from the Church of England immediately after the American Revolution happened.

The Episcopalian church has grown rapidly since then and it is now standing at an estimated net worth of $2.4 billion dollars. Remember the revenue is still growing.

9: Freemasonry

While many might argue that the freemasonry is not really a church, that might be true in some extent but the organization Freemasonry operates basically just like a normal church.

Which is why we have included it in the list of the richest churches in the world.

The freemasonry do NOT necessarily believe in God, they believe in their own ‘God’ who is not the the Father of Jesus Christ.

The freemasonry has an estimated net worth of $1.9 billion dollars.

10: The Kenneth Copeland Ministry

This church is owned by a person. The name of the person is the primary name of the church, Kenneth Copeland.

Kenneth Copeland, is a known Preacher and his Church ministry has an estimated net worth of NOT less than $950,000 million dollars.

There you have it these (the above list) are the richest churches in the world this year.

Most of these churches listed above are recognized by the entire world. Meaning it is pretty hard to mention their names to someone and they seem to have completely no idea what you are talking about.

There you have it, the richest churches in the world.

World’s Wealthiest Church Organizations, ranked.

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