30+ Best Shawn Mendes Pick Up Lines

Shawn Mendes Pick up lines

Shawn Mendes makes the best love songs and heart touching music that will either remind you of someone or make you miss them even more and most importantly fall in love.

His music has some of the most romantic lyrics that can be used as pick up lines to flirt with your spacial someone today.

If you are a fan of Shawn Mendes or better yet the person you are flirting with is huge fan.

Then these pick up lines will definitely work incredibly well. Below are the best pick up lines that are inspired by Shawn Mendes.

Shawn Mendes Pick Up Lines:

Girl underneath my pants, there’s a beast that is trying to be seen. (This Is What It Takes)

Girl whenever you get close to c*m, I’ll let you take control yeah. (There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back)

Girl, I can undress you with my lips and hook you with my tongue, want me to show you? (Señorita)

If you’re feeling kinda h*rny, baby I want to make you mine. (Kid in Love)

I’ll be inside when you feel wrong. (This Is What It Takes)

I’ll have you leave him, one more fuck is all it takes. (Afterwave)

I’ll make you cum all over like a puppet on my string. (Mercy)

Needle and thread, gotta get you into my bed. (Stitches)

Babe, I don’t meant to hurt you, but I will sure tear your pussy apart tonight.

Babe, moan so loud that the walls will break. (Something Big)

Babe, you are my señorita. (Señorita)

Baby tonight I am prepared and gladly do it twice, ejecting all the load inside my pump. (Mercy)

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Baby, I can treat you better and giving you the loving you’re missing. (Treat You Better)

Baby, I can’t f*ck any girl that’s not you. (If I Can’t Have You)

Baby, tonight is the night to take it way too far. (There’s Nothing Holding’ Me Back)

Better than he can, any girl like you deserves amazing fucking. (Treat You Better)

Damn girl, you know I am gonna hit it. (Something Big)

Doesn’t matter where you’ve been, my hands will be all over your skin. (I Know What You Did Last Summer)

Don’t like to wait, babe it’s time to go far enough and no more guessing. (There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back)

Dropping my inhibitions, I am not holding back for you baby. (There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back)

Every thrust is ooh la la la yeah baby. (Señorita)

Girl get onto your knees, I promise you will not be needing stitches. (Stitches)

Girl I can no longer pretend I don’t need ya. (Señorita)

No matter where you run, I’ll keep coming for you. (Señorita)

No one left me quite this sore, come baby blow me back to life. (Stitches)

Nothing holding me back, picture us naked. (There’s Nothing Holding’ Me Back)

Ohh babe I want you coming for me. (Señorita)

Ready for something big? Feel it pushing and pulling. Your p**sy grabbing me. (Something Big)

Set me free girl, have mercy and suck on my c*ck. (Mercy)

Sexing means nothing if I can’t have you come. (If I Can’t Have You)

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