Runyenjes Technical and Vocational College Courses Offered (full list) and Contact

List of Courses Offered

Courses offered at Runyenjes Technical and Vocational College are listed below. Runyenjes Technical and Vocational College offers all these courses for both new students and the existing students currently enrolled in the school.

Find the list of courses that are currently available in Runyenjes Technical and Vocational College, for students or candidates who would like to join the institution and pursue their career course.

Here are Masters courses, Diploma courses, Certificate courses, Postgraduate courses, Undergraduate courses, Craft, Artisan courses among others that are currently offered at Runyenjes Technical and Vocational College.

Below is the list of courses offered at Runyenjes Technical and Vocational College

Courses Offered At Runyenjes Technical and Vocational College:

  • Certificate Courses:

Certificate in Electrical and Electronics Engineering(Electrical and Electronic Engineering)

Certificate in County Governance(County Governance)

Certificate in Beadwork and Mat Making(Beadwork and Mat Making)

Certificate in Supply Chain Management

ATD Level 1

ATD Level 2

Computer Packages and Applications

Certificate in Agriculture

Artisan Certificate in Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Certificate in Detergent Making

Certificate Single and Group Secretarial Studies

Artisan Certificate in Masonry

Artisan Certificate in Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy

Craft Certificate in Masonry

Office Assistant Level 4

Electrical Installation Level 3

Horticultural Nursery Management Level 3

Artisan in Agribusiness

Masonry Level 3

Solar PV Training

Soil Management Level 3

Certificate in Motor Rewinding and Control Circuits

Certificate in Information Communication Technology(ICT)

Certificate in Human Resource Management(HRM)

Manicure and Pedicure Course (Manicure and Pedicure )

  • Diploma Courses:

Diploma in County Governance(County Governance)

Diploma in Cooperative Management(Cooperative Management)

Diploma in Quantity Surveying(Quantity Surveying)

Diploma in Building and Construction Technology

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Diploma in Business Management(Business Management)

Diploma in Civil Engineering(Civil Engineering)

Diploma in Agriculture(Agriculture)

Diploma in Accountancy(Accountancy)

Diploma in Human Resource Management(Human Resource Management)

Diploma in Banking and Finance(Banking and Finance)

Diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering(Electrical and Electronics Engineering)

Diploma in Project Management(Project Management)

Diploma in Social Work(Social Work)

Diploma in Supply Chain Management(Supply Chain Management)

  • Runyenjes Technical and Vocational College Contacts:

Address: P.O. BOX 239-60103,Runyenjes

Location: Runyenjes, Kenya

Telephone Number: +254 797210054

Email Address: [email protected]


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