35+ Best YG Quotes and Lyrics For Captions

YG quotes, captions and lyrics

Talented rapper YG popularly known as Keenon Dequan Ray Jackson has some of the most inspiring quotes and motivational song lyrics that can be used for Instagram captions.

YG Lyrics Captions and Quotes:

  1. I feel good, I feel great, I feel blessed. – Hard Bottoms & White Socks
  2. Brotherly love, this is pep talk. – Drink To This
  3. You just follow all the trends, don’t talk to me. – Big Bank
  4. I would pinky swear but my pinky ring too big. – Who Do You Love
  5. Don’t let my past life affect future goals. – Alone
  6. Karma is a b*tch and she gon’ get you. – Stop Snitchin
  7. All about the money, never ’bout these honeys. – Get Out Yo Feelin’s
  8. I’m better with time, spendin’ less on the argue. – Get Out Yo Feelin’s
  9. Smellin’ like Tom Ford, lookin’ like a million. – Maniac
  10. Too much swag, call a time out. – Swag
  11. Do everything like my shirt, extra large. – Big Bank
  12. House party go until six-somethin’. – Go Loko
  13. That’s my old life, I’m past that. – Do Not Disturb
  14. Ain’t trippin’ over the money, I’m trippin’ ’cause you played a player. – Play Too Much
  15. I’m so over the top, they don’t understand. – One Time Comin’
  16. I just hope I ain’t got the devil in my little Heart. – 666
  17. Started from the bottom, made it to the top, they mad. – Get Out Yo Feelin’s
  18. Type of money you gon’ need a safe. – Big Bank
  19. I ain’t change my number, you just blocked. – Do Not Disturb
  20. Everybody need favors, what happen if I go broke? – Really Be (Smkin N Drnkin)
  21. One time if you a bad b*tch, Two times just for the savage. – Slay
  22. Before the money, didn’t know y’all. – I Was on the Block
  23. I be wearin’ all this gold, tryna be a Laker. – Laugh Now Kry Later!
  24. You look like a hater, mad faces when I walk through. – Get Out Yo Feelin’s
  25. When it rains, it pours; it’s dry for me. – My Ni**a
  26. I’m out here givin’ love, pain, and pleasure. – Toxic
  27. A lot of fools puttin’ salt in the game. – Who Do You Love
  28. Don’t tell me I’ma be okay ’cause this sh*t not okay. – 666
  29. Everyday ballin’ out, gotta keep it player. – Laugh Now Kry Later!
  30. Major swag alert, major bag alert. – I Know
  31. I’m the general, just makin’ sure my soldiers straight. – Who Do You Love
  32. Please tell me why you always hatin’? – Why You Always Hatin?
  33. Stay rock solid when life gets hard. – Heart 2 Heart
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