Top 5 Best Car Batteries In Kenya 2023

Best Car Batteries In Kenya

Before replacing your car battery in Kenya, you should consider the best in the market in terms of power, durability and other important factors.

Choosing the right battery for your car is imperative for a reliable and long lasting ride.

Without a healthy battery, proper vehicle operation is impossible as your battery is the key component in helping to start the engine and keep all electronics running.

It also allows you to do other things in the car like charge your phone, run safety accessories and play your music – even when the engine is turned off.

As you may know by now as a car owner, it’s normal for the battery to gradually lose power over time.

There are a couple of very important factors to consider while choosing a new car battery for your vehicle. – they include; the Size, Brand, Reserve Capacity, Age and Cold-Cranking Amps.

When it comes to battery especially car batteries, there are grouped depending on different things such as car type, model and size.

Common Battery Group Sizes:

  • Size 75: Most General Motors cars
  • Size 65: Large-bodied vehicles, Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury cars etc
  • Size 35: mostly Honda, Nissan, and Toyota cars
  • Size 34/78: mostly General Motors cars

When You Should Replace Your Battery:

In addition to noticing the telltale signs of a weak battery (dimming lights, trouble starting, etc) there are a few things to look out for that would require a new battery to be installed.

  • A cracked battery case
  • A bulging battery
  • The battery won’t accept a charge.
  • Loose battery terminals.
  • Missing filler caps (if applicable)
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With that being said, below are our top 5 Best and most recommended battery brand for your car in Kenya.

Best Battery Brands For Your Car In Kenya:

  1. Chloride Exide car batteries
  2. Mixtech car batteries
  3. Amaron car batteries
  4. Bosch car batteries
  5. Delkor car batteries
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