Coffee Exporters in Kenya: List of Companies that Export Kenyan Coffee

Coffee exporters in Kenya

Coffee is a significant export for Kenya, contributing substantially to the country’s economy.

In 2023, Kenya exported 47,861 tonnes of coffee, earning around $251.86 million.

The main destinations for Kenyan coffee include the United States, Germany, Belgium, and South Korea.

With that being put across, below is a list of some of the top coffee exporters in Kenya you can work with to export coffee from Kenya to international markets smoothly.

Best Coffee Exporters In Kenya:

1. Dormans Coffee Ltd

Dormans Coffee, established in 1950, is Kenya’s first coffee roastery. It is a leading exporter of high-quality coffee, situated in Tatu Industrial Park, Nairobi.

2. Kenya Co-operative Coffee Exporters Limited

This organization links smallholder Kenyan coffee producers to the global market. Located at Kenbelt Industrial Park, it plays a crucial role in the coffee supply chain.

3. Rashid Moledina & Co. Ltd

Based in Mombasa, Rashid Moledina & Co. Ltd is a prominent private coffee exporter, sourcing premium coffee from plantations across Kenya.

4. Rockbern Coffee Group

Rockbern Coffee specializes in the marketing, sale, and export of both green and roasted coffee beans, operating from Nairobi.

5. Africoff Trading Co Ltd

Africoff is known for its broad range of coffee products, including green coffee beans. It is located at Tomfrank Apartment in Nairobi.

6. Sannex Coffee Ltd

Founded in 1999, Sannex Coffee exports various coffee products and is based on Ngara Road, Nairobi.

7. Diamond Coffee Company Ltd

Operating from Gikomba, Nairobi, Diamond Coffee Company is a key player in the coffee export industry.

8. Mwangi Coffee Exporters

This company manages coffee farms, roasting plants, and warehouses, exporting to Europe, America, and the Gulf region.

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9. Eagle Crown Coffee Ltd

Eagle Crown Coffee exports green Arabica beans globally from their base in Upperhill, Nairobi.

10. Thika Coffee Ltd

Specializing in speciality green coffee beans, Thika Coffee Ltd operates from Amazon Volvo House, Loita Street, Nairobi

These exporters are integral to maintaining Kenya’s reputation for high-quality coffee on the global market. The coffee sector continues to face challenges such as fluctuating prices and climate uncertainties, but remains a vital part of the Kenyan economy.

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