List Of 10 Best Tea Exporters in Kenya

Kenyan tea exporters

Kenya, renowned for its rich tea-growing regions, is a world leader in tea exports. This success is largely due to the efforts of various exporters who ensure that Kenyan tea reaches global markets while maintaining high standards of quality.

These companies play a crucial role in sustaining the tea industry’s reputation and economic contribution. Here’s a look at some of the top tea exporters in Kenya.

Tea Exporters In Kenya

1. Global Tea & Commodities Ltd

Global Tea & Commodities Ltd is a fully integrated tea company offering a comprehensive range of services across the supply chain, from procurement to packaging. They are located in Mombasa and can be reached at +254 41316 399 or via email at [email protected].

2. James Finlay (Mombasa)

James Finlay, part of the Swire group, has been a staple in the tea export business since 1750. Located on Mashundu Street, Mombasa, they focus on extensive tea, coffee, and horticultural interests. Contact them at +254 41 224 057 or [email protected].

3. Unilever Kenya Ltd

Unilever is a global leader in consumer goods, exporting a wide range of products including tea to over 100 countries. They can be contacted at +254 41 225 254/205 or +254 709 050 600.

4. Lutex Limited

Lutex Limited exports various tea types and grades, adhering to stringent standards. They are based on Makarios Road, Mombasa. Contact them at +254 41 222 3040 or [email protected].

5. Cargill Kenya Limited

Cargill Kenya Limited specializes in auctioning, blending, and exporting tea. They are located in the Shimazi Industrial Area, Mombasa. Reach them at +254 41 225 701.

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6. Summer Tea

Summer Tea trades in bulk and packaged Kenyan black tea for local and international markets. They are near Posta Makupa, Mombasa. Contact them at +254 775 243 324 or [email protected].

7. Stansand Africa Ltd

Stansand Africa Ltd, located on the 3rd Floor, Tea House, Nyerere Avenue, Mombasa, is part of Tata Global Beverages. Contact them at +254 41 222 4673 or [email protected].

8. Kenya Tea Development Agency Holdings Limited (KTDA)

KTDA is a major player in the management and marketing of high-quality tea products. They can be reached at +254 020 2211 240 or [email protected].

9. Chai Trading Company Limited

Chai Trading Company Limited, based in Miritini, Mombasa, is known for its reliable tea trading services. Contact them at +254 20 2037927.

10. L.A.B. International Ltd

L.A.B. International Ltd is a professional black tea trading company that also sources tea from Uganda, Rwanda, and Tanzania. They are located on Chai Street, Off Shimanzi Road, Mombasa. Contact them at +254 733 227 989 or [email protected].

The tea exporters in Kenya are instrumental in connecting the rich flavors of Kenyan tea with the global market. Their dedication to quality and efficient logistics ensures that Kenyan tea remains a sought-after commodity worldwide.

By supporting these exporters, local farmers gain access to better markets and prices, fostering sustainable agricultural practices and economic growth.

Engaging with these companies guarantees not only the best tea but also the continuity of Kenya’s esteemed position in the global tea industry.

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