Top 10 Highest-paid Football Referees In The World and Their Salaries 2023

Highest paid referee in football

Top 10 Highest-paid Football Referees In The World and Their Salaries

Who is the highest paid referee in soccer?.

Here are the top 10 world’s highest paid football referees today that are paid the highest amount of salary for every football match they are active in.

Football referees have a very tricky job that requires not only skills but uninterrupted attention to the match not excluding the players.

In the football world, the referee is like the ‘manager’ of the match, they start the game, say when it is time to take a break and they end the game accordingly.

Referees are also very respected, especially during a football match, being rude to one might cost you a lot.

If you have ever wondered which football referee makes the most money out of their careers.

In this article, we have ranked down the highest paid referee in the world and their estimated salary per match.

The highest paid referee in football are actually among the richest soccer referees.

Damir Skomina is currently the highest paid football referee in the world earning over $10,000 per football match.

With that being said, below are the world’s highest-paid referees.

Highest Paid Referees In The World:

  1. Damir Skomina

Salary: $10,000

  1. Cüneyt Çakır

Salary: $10,000

  1. Björn Kuipers

Salary: $10,000

  1. Dr. Felix Brych

Salary: $10,000

  1. Clément Turpin

Salary: $10,000

  1. Danny Makkelie

Salary: $8,000

  1. Antonio Mateu Lahoz

Salary: $8,000

  1. Daniele Orsato

Salary: $8,000

  1. Gianluca Rocchi

Salary: $8,000

  1. William Collum

Salary: $8,000

In the world full of passionate football fans, there is definitely a good chance that the love also flows to the referees, and this can be confirmed by how much these soccer referees make per match.

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