China Square Supermarket: Location, Prices and Contacts

China Square Kenya

China Square is the new and currently among the most flooded supermarkets in Nairobi Kenya.

Kenyans are in love with this supermarket simply because of one important thing… The low prices.

Here are the details about the supermarket including its physical location in Kenya, their contact information and product prices in the China Square.

China Square Location:

The China Square supermarket is located at Unicity mall along Thika Road.

China Square has taken the city by storm, and kenyans are loving it. 

China Square Supermarket Prices:

With a very small budget, shopping at China Square is the best place to buy new legitimate and quality products, including furnitures, appliances etc.

It is safe to say that China Square mall is the cheapest supermarket in Kenya.

China Square Contact:

Phone number; 0769 000999

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