Top 20 Richest Journalists In Kenya 2022

Richest Journalists In Kenya

Who is the richest journalist in Kenya?.

Here is the list of all the top wealthiest kenyan journalists who currently make the highest amount of income by appearing on Kenyan’s TV screens.

The Richest Journalists in the country today are among the best television presenters in Kenya and some of the most watched TV personality.

Kenyan journalists are among the highest paid people in Kenya by career salary income.

Becoming a journalist in Kenya today guarantees you to be able to make millions of money in the near future just a couple of years after landing your fast TV job in the country.

But of course that depends on how much effort you put into your career, managing your finances and investments etc.

But in general, Kenyan journalism are paid well especially by big media houses in the country.

Out of all the journalists in Kenya, who is the richest of them all?.

Today, the very talented and household name, Jeff Koinage is currently the wealthiest journalist in Kenya, he is closely followed by Linus Kaikai as the second richest journalist.

Below is the list of the richest journalist in Kenya by their salaries.

Richest Journalists In Kenya:

  1. Jeff Koinange
  2. Linus Kaikai
  3. Joe Ageyo
  4. Maina Kageni
  5. Francis Gachuri
  6. Rashid Abdalla
  7. Mzazi Willy M.Tuva
  8. Lulu Hassan
  9. MwanaHamisi Amadi
  10. Caroline Mutoko

Other Wealthy journalists in the country include;

  1. Victoria Rubadiri
  2. Lilian Muli Kanene
  3. Yvonne Okwara
  4. Daniel Ndambuki (Churchill)
  5. Betty Kyalo
  6. Mbusi
  7. Willis Raburu
  8. Trevor Ombija
  9. Larry Madowo
  10. Waihiga Mwaura
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